When puppies are born, dog mommies do everything for them from meeting all their needs; to nourishment to help them poop. It is said that newborn puppies are unable to see, walk or hear. Thus, their mommies are their full-time support. 

Luckily, this support does not disappear after puppies grow old. Rather, their mom continues to teach their babies new and useful things for survival. You can scroll down to see the pictures of dog mothers with their super cute babies. 

Not Quite What We Were Expecting – Our Foster Dog And Golden Mix Gave Birth Yesterday. To Baby Cows. She Is One Proud Mama

My Foster Mama Ellie Had Her Babies Yesterday – Apparently, She Came With A Whole Lab Sampler Pack

The Happiest Mother

Tucked In Safe With Mama

 Loulou With Her Little Boy

Perfect Family Picture

Luz’s Sympathy To Give Birth To Two Princesses

Managed To Take This Cute Picture Of My Husky And Her Pup Snuggling Up Together (She’s A First-Time Mom And Had 8 Cute Puppies)

Mother-Daughter Bonding

This Proud Pibble Mama And Her Sweet Pups Made My Day

Proud Corgi Mother With Her Litter Of 15 Puppers

May I Present To You, The Beautiful And Rare Dogtopus

I Made These

Last Week She Gave Birth To 8 Babies In A Shelter. Last Night She Got Her Own Room, With Her Own Bed And All The Cuddles! She’s One Proud Mom

This Mama Dog Comforting Her Puppy On It’s First Day As A Police Dog

One Proud Mom & Puppies

Proud Mom Moment

This Is The Exact Amount Of Puppies I Need In My Life

When Ravioli Saw His Pups For The First Time

Foster Mama Ellie, Wondering If There’s A Return Policy On Her Lab Samples

Hammock Full Of Huskies

6 Hours + 9 Puppies = 1 Tired Mama. Our Sweet First-Time Mama, Ellie Mae And Her Babies

Mama And Her Sweet Little Babies. Can You Believe She Was Going To Be Euthanized?

Proud Mother

Good Looking Family

Proud Mama

So Today I Was Taking A Photo Of A Litter Of One Week Old Puppies When I Got Photobombed By My Other Dog

Mother Very Pleased With Her Pups

Like Mother, Like Son And Daughter, And Son, And Daughter, And

Look At What We Did

Proud Mom At Dinnertime

This Is Jessie. A Proud New Mama Of Ten


Very Proud Golden Mama

Ten Potatoes. Mom’s Heckin Proud