If you are always ready to give adorable pets a good belly rub, this thread of cute hedgehogs will bring a smile to your face.

Scroll down to see 35 pictures of hedgehogs that are happy in their own world.

Guess Whose Birthday Is Tomorrow

Passed Out


Hedgehog Teefs

Someone Spiked My Drink Again

My Hoooman Gave Me Belly Rubs For The First Time. I Was In Heaven


In Memory Of My Best Friend, Goliath

In memory of my best friend, Goliath. He crossed over the rainbow bridge late January, and I was too distraught to post about it. Time has passed and I miss him every day. The goodest boy.

My Baby Had Babies And Here Are Her 5 Beautiful Hoglets

I Bought My Hedgehog A Tiny Chair

Hi, There

Baby Hedgehog

Relationships Are Like Holding A Hedgehog. The Roller Coaster Of Love

She’s Too Cute In Her Hat

A Hedgehog Admiring A Bubble

Look At Her Sploot

Happy Hedgehog With His Best Friend

Cuddle Time

Hello Everyone! This Is Hektor And I Think Everyone Deserves To See Him


Biznis Hog


Time To Get Out Of The Tub

Hiro Loves His Bubble Baths

Little Hedgehog Camper

How Many Dandelions Can You Count? That’s How Many Wishes You Have

My Hedgehog, Who Normally Hates Everyone And Everything, Finally Made A New Friend

Have You Ever Seen A Sweeter Nugget?

Cow And Hedgehog

Trying To Get This Guy Comfortable With Being Handled

Did Someone Say Roasted Chicken? I Wanna

Hedgehog Life

Cute Hedgehog

A Sleeping Hedgehog

Good Morning