Have you ever been able to capture one of those perfectly timed shots?

Timing is everything, anything is possible if you get the perfect timing. Sometimes, the most ordinary pictures can be so impactful. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to capture a beautiful photograph. Sometimes, nature plays its perfect role, and sometimes people unknowing help you to have the perfect shot. Well, we have gathered some images for you to see today, and they would freeze your brain.

1. The Fog Made This Stadium Look Like A Spaceship

2. I Happened To Catch This Photo Of A Snowflake On My Daughters Eyelash Last Winter; It Wasn’t There For Long

3. Petting My Demon Hound

4. What a perfect time for the shot to be captured!

5. Wait, what’s up with the hair?

6. Well, that’s where it all went down!

7. Lightning Striking A Rainbow, This Moment Caught On My Mom’s Cell Phone

8. My Dad Waits Every Year For The Day The Sun Rises Just Right And Reflects Along The Railroad Tracks, Today Was That Day

9. Damn… that is awkward AF!

10. Photo I Took Of The Charles River Looks Like Two Different Pictures

11. A perfectly timed shot!

12. Good Morning. Another Day, Another 5ft Squirrel Trying To Break Into My Car

13. I Think I Captured The Exact Moment This Turtle Lost His Virginity

14. Um… A real mickey mouse? Oh, wait… never mind!

15. Guy Looks Exactly Like The Woman’s Laptop Sticker

16. Girlfriend Was Dancing In A Storm, Lightning Struck At The Perfect Time

17. Jesus photobombing the picture…

18. My Friends Dog In The Background And Her Sons T-Shirt Match Perfectly

19. When My Buddy’s Dog Leaps Over Grates Her Body And Legs Disappear And It Looks Like A Dog’s Head Is Just Floating Down The Street

20. Somebody stop that truck! Oh, okay. Don’t stop it.

21. Wow… this is incredibly cool!

22. These Two People Positioned Their Faces Perfectly

23. Spent A Long Time Laughing At This

24. What’s up with those hair!?

25. A flying bird!

26. Friends Of Mine Got Married Overlooking The San Diego Padres Stadium. At The Exact Moment The Minister Said “You May Now Kiss The Bride” Matt Kemp Hit His 200th Career Home Run, Leading The Stadium To Shoot Fireworks Off

27. It Was At That Moment Dave Realized That Teaching His Dog To Catch Frankfurters Was A Bad Idea

28. Ever seen a birdie-bomb? Well, there you go!

29. This is confusing AF!

30. I Have Been Waiting For This Moment My Whole Life

31. Got My Gram A New Apron For Her 90th Birthday. This Is The Moment She Realized What Was On It

32. Wanted To Get A Quick Pic When This Kind Lightning Bolt Appeared And Pointed Me Towards My Destination

33. What do you see?

34. The Shadow Of Two Mailboxs Makes A Perfect Up Arrow

35. My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat Playing Behind The TV

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