We all have done it and we all are guilty about it. Confused about what we are trying to say? We are just saying that we all have failed to understand a perfect joke and made a joke of ourselves out of that. But luckily, we didn’t do that on the Internet. 

However, not everyone is as lucky as us. There are a few people who have crossed the line and now, they are the joke. These people terribly failed to understand what the joke was and now they are all famous.

If you also want to see how clueless people are, keep scrolling because we have found 35 such pictures where people are believing anything they want to. 

This subreddit where all the memes are share has grown a lot since November 1, 2016. Currently, it has more than 890,000 members. 

Surely, the Internet is full of fake things. However, when a person posts something, it’s obvious that he is joking. But these people missed the joke and we cannot miss them.