A good joke is rare because certain times, it can demand your pride, self-respect, and reputation. While many people might not be ready for it, some have given up their everything.

A popular subreddit called That’s where the ‘Kamikaze By Words’ has been sharing incidents where users have insulted themselves in order to insult someone else. Or, to put it more poetically, it’s “taking down the ship” in order to sink the captain.

got in touch with the mod team running ‘Kamikaze By Words’, as well as with comedy writer and aspiring pop-star Ariane Sherine to have a chat about self-deprecating humor. You’ll find both interviews below.

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The lead mod of r/KamikazeByWords told Bored Panda about their friend who everyone calls ‘Wide Dangelo.’ “He’s not actually overweight or anything, he just has the tendency to walk really broadly. The shoulders of that small man are an awesome sight to behold honestly. From every person I’ve ever met, every single person in our circle, not one man stands with more confidence, cracking self-deprecating jokes one after another,” they shared.

“But he stands, he makes fun of how he stands, but he stands broadly and proudly. And honestly, I think the world needs to know of people like him; whilst making fun of his own little quirks he stands there, widely. Absolutely legend,” the moderator told Bored Panda that self-deprecating humor has to be balanced out with pure, undiluted confidence.

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Ariane also revealed to Bored Panda some standup comedy secrets. “In standup, you can either be high-level (superior to the audience) or low-level (inferior). Both can work really well,” she said.

“My first joke, back in 2003, was ‘I’m half-Iranian, half-American—so basically, I hate myself.’ I followed it up with, ‘I hate myself so much, I put anthrax in my self-addressed envelopes.’ The thing with standup is that even if you’re being down on yourself and self-deprecating, you also have to be really confident,” she pointed out the paradox. “The audience will sense if you don’t have faith in your jokes and will be less willing to laugh at them—they might even turn on you.”

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The head mod of r/KamikazeByWords had this to add about internet culture as it stands in 2021 and 2022. “Not many people talk about this, but I feel like we have to accept that in 2021 ‘jannie’ (as in ‘internet janitor’) has become a slur. Just look at the people that use it and you immediately notice anything from racism to transphobia. Especially the latter, since a lot of Reddit’s best moderators are trans themselves, and ‘jannie’ has almost trans-hate in and of itself.”

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If you’re planning on joining the ‘Kamikaze By Words’ community and sharing some posts, make sure that they actually “contain a Kamikaze.” In other words, the mods point out that the insult has to have “a clear secondary target.” What’s more, the insult actually has to affect both the secondary target and the person who’s doing the insulting in the first place.

The jokes also can’t be low-quality junk. And you should steer clear of controversial posts that delve into politics or religion. The sub might be all about insults, but everyone still has to be civil!

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