As humans, we are bound to have curiosity in our behaviour. It is absolutely natural for us o be curious about finding new and weird things. Thus, when someone says, what happens if, so you keep on wondering what can be the possibilities of a situation. But here are some answers that you might get so that you can stop wondering once and forever.

So, take a look at these photos that Hiptoro has compiled for you. Do let us know what you think about these in the comment section below.

#1 This Is What Happens If I Do Not Eat An Artichoke Right Away

#2 What Happens When You Use The Same Shovel To Plant 90,000ish Trees

#3 This Is What Happens If You Swing A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End

#4 This Is What Happens If Your Cell Phone Vibrates While Trying To Take A Picture Of The Chicago Skyline

#5 What Happens If My Black Shirt Gets Crammed In The Back Of My Car Under The Sun For Years

#6 What Happens If Tourists Don’t Touch Bamboo During Quarantine And It Grows On Its Own

#7 What Happens If You Leave A Coconut In The Freezer

#8 What Happens If You Blink Faster Than The Shutter On Your Camera

#9 This Is What Happens If The Roots Of A Tree In A Graveyard Find Their Way Into The Cavity Of A Decayed Skull

#10 What Happens If I Refill My Soap Container With Clear Soap

#11 What Happens If There’s A Storm So Intense It Literally Picks Up And Moves The Road

#12 What Happens When You Heat An Ordinary Marble Over A Flame Then Immediately Drop It Into Cold Water

#13 What Happens If An Insect Gets Stuck Between The Printer And The Pillowcase

#14 What Happens If A Bear Breaks Into My Car

#15 What Happens If I Open A Decade-Old Play-Doh Container (And Find Out It Had Grown Crystals)

#16 This Is What Happens If You Polish A Coconut

#17 What Happens If A Soggy Stump Goes Through A Hard Freeze

#18 What Happens If Hair Gets Caught In A Zipper

#19 What Happens If A Sphere Of Aluminum 1 Cm In Diameter Hits A Block Of Aluminum At ~15,000 Mph (Space Debris Impact Research Conducted By The ESA)

#20 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes Dornoch Beach In Scotland

#21 What Happens If Wood Is Burned With High Voltage

#22 What Happens When You Throw Water On An Oil Fire

#23 This Is What Happens If You Put Dish Soap In A Fountain

#24 What Happens If The Fog Gets In The Way Of The Windmills

#25 What Happens If You Leave An Apple And A Banana For 6 Months In An Office Locker Because Of Quarantine

#26 What Happens If You Spend A Lot Of Time In The Water And Your Index Finger Has A Severed Nerve

#27 What Happens If My Mom Microwaves Birdseed To Disinfect It Before Putting It In A Beanbag

#28 What Happens If You Put Blue Food Coloring In A White Rose’s Water

#29 This Is What Happens To A Basketball Court If The Pipes Burst

#30 This Is What Happens If No One Keeps An Ornamental Cabbage Trimmed

#31 What Happens If My Grandma Uses The Same Spoon In Her Coffee For About 45 Years

#32 What Happens If An 8-Year-Old Puts His Hand In A Petri Dish Of Agar

#33 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course

#34 This Is What Happens If You Put Lemons And Limes In Water

#35 This Is What Happens If Lightning Strikes Asphalt