Parenting is not easy. It surely is the most amazing feeling to be a parent but the journey of rasing up a child is a difficult one. But it is you who has to make the efforts of making it fun and intresting. Here are parents who figured out excellent ways of parenting and are doing very well. So, here are some ideas that you can adapt to be a good parent and find some help.

#1 Creative Hack

#2 How To Tell Your Twins Apart

#3 How To Easily Teach Multiplication Tables

#4 BBQ Dad Hack

#5 No Bathtub? Here’s The Solution: Baby Pool In The Shower Cabin. It’s Also Handy When Travelling

#6 Use A Tent To Make A Sandpit. You Will Be Able To Close It During The Night To Keep The Cats Out

#7 I Took A Rectangle-Shaped Tupperware And We Made ‘Snow Blocks’ For An ‘Igloo’. My Boys Absolutely Loved It

#8 Carseat Hack That Could Save Lives

#9 Although We Tell Our Daughter To Not Run Into Parking Lots, It Doesn’t Mean She Is Going To Listen. I Bought This Car Magnet And It Has Been A Miracle Worker. She Loves Keeping Her Hand On The Bright Colors While Waiting For Mom And Will Try So Hard To Match Her Fingers To The Magnet’s

#10 My Toddler Was Busy For Over 30 Minutes Playing With These Window Stickers On The Plane. Easy To Pack, Fun For Them, And Cheap!

#11 If You Have To Bring Your Stroller Indoors Put Shower Caps On The Wheels To Prevent Bringing The Dirt Inside

#12 Keep A Cheap Potty Chair In Your Car Along With A Few Diapers. If Your Child Needs To Go To The Bathroom When There Isn’t One, Open A Diaper And Put In The Bottom Of The Potty Chair. When He Is Done, Wrap Up The Diaper And Done. No Mess

#13 Inventive Dad Of The Day

#14 When Giving Meds, Write Out All The Planned Dosages On The Bottle Before Starting, Then, As Each One Is Given, Mark It Off. Eliminates Any Issues That Might Arise From Sleep-Deprived Forgetfulness

#15 In Need Of A Little Bit Of Hands Free Time? Place Your Baby In Front Of The Washing Machine For A Whole New World Of Entertainment

#16 Put Masking Tape On A Carpet For Your Kid To Play With Toy Cars

#17 Parenting Done Right

#18 Ask Your Child To Sort Little Things Like Felt Balls Or Colourful Pasta Into A Muffin Pan

#19 French Fry Apples Anyone? When Your Toddler Doesn’t Want Apples, Cut Them Like This And Pretend You Made Apple French Fries

#20 Use Bottle Nipple As Medicine Dispenser

#21 When Your Kid Is Asleep But You Need To Eat…

#22 When You Go Out, Color Code Your Brood. Makes It Easier To Spot Them In The Crowd

#23 If You Have A Kid With A Walker, Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers To Save Your Walls And Ankles

#24 Bring Crayons To The Doctor When Your Kids Have A Check Up. It Keeps Everyone Distracted During Wait Times

#25 Clean Non-Electronic Plastic Toys In A Dishwasher

#26 Sprinkle Some Cinnamon In A Sandbox To Keep Bugs Away

#27 A Frozen Sponge In A Ziplock Is The Perfect Way To Keep Kids Lunches Cold

#28 Painting The Fire Station Floor

#29 Does Anyone Else Use The Bathtub (Minus Water) As A Play Pen When Having A Shower?

#30 Use Shoe Storage Bag To Store And Organize Legos By Color

#31 In A Super Pinch, Suitcase Can Double As A Sleeper

#32 Disposable Gloves Hack

#33 Put Up A “Spy Window”. Very Time You Want To Check On The Kids You Won’t Need To Go All The Way Down The Stairs

#34 Mom Tip: Yogurt Plus Food Coloring = Safe Edible Paint

#35 Attach A Sippy Cup To Your Kid’s Car Seat. This Way You Won’t Have To Turn Around And Pick It Up Every Time Your Kid Drops It