To convince targeted customers to purchase something, brands spend so much money and come up with a brilliant advertisement. These advertisements easily convince us and then, we rush to the store to purchase the same thing. 

But have you ever seen epic advertisements fail? These advertisements fail are so hilarious that they make us laugh each time we see them. You can scroll down to have a look.

This Ad For Graduation Photography

I Pass This Billboard Everyday And Everyday I Think He’s A Vampire

This Ad Placement

This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad

I Used To Be Able To See The Towel On Her Head

I Think She Should Go To The Hospital Instead Of Booking A Flight

Math Is Hard. Don’t Let It Get You Down

Well, Now That The Floors Are Clean

A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple

How Did They Not See This?

Yeah, Very Flexible

“Join Hands” To Make Hospitals “Infection Free”

I’m Certain They Could Have Used A Better Slogan

Wow! What A Bargain

If You’re Going To Use The Dumbbell As An “I” Then You Don’t Need Another “I”

I Followed This Bus For 4 Blocks To Wait For It To Pull Over To Share This Beautiful Work Of Art

Finally, A Shower That Works With My Broken Neck

Mother-Daughter Bonding At Its Finest

The Implication That This Tooth Has Genitals

Sometimes The Answer Is In The Box Too

Bread So Emo It Slices Itself

The Brazilian Vaccination Mascot Looks Like KKK

I Only Saw The Left Window At First And Got Very Confused

Let God Arse

It Almost Seems Intentional

Fantastic Ad Placement

 We Cut Kids

The Quotation Marks On This Sign Gives It A Malevolent Undertone

This Guy’s Frog Legs Featured In An Ad

Saw This Ad For A Shirt That’s Supposed To Say Saturday

“Hide The Pain Harold” Becomes Face Of French Coronavirus “Thank You, Heroes” Campaign

This Woman Turning Into A Fish Roll

Finally A Realistic Mannequins In Women’s Lingerie Store

Found This In An Ad Today

This Monstrosity