Finding a dedicated and sweet babysitter can be really challenging. Especially when you are highly open about your preference and needs.

But the constant pressure so many parents put on babysitters, all while navigating being a carer, a friend, a family member, and an employee at once is what makes babysitting probably one of the most demanding jobs out there.

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But entitled parents make it way worse. Collected from the “Choosing Beggars” Reddit community, below are some of the worst nanny job offers posted online. From totally delusional requirements to offering $3/h for an experienced nanny with higher education, these posts scream only two things: “Run!” and “Now!”

Babysitter Wanted, Must Be In Collage

Anyone Who Has Worked In Childcare Knows She Hit Babysitter Bingo

Absolute Human Vermin

Finding a babysitter for the very first time is a responsible moment mixed with nervous anticipation and excitement. After all, it’s the person you will be entrusting your child to. And while grandparents, friends and relatives seem like the perfect babysitters for some, in reality, welcoming a stranger to your family is a much more viable option for everyone.

But the challenge is not entrusting your child to the hand of a person you don’t really know but feel good about; the challenge is to find a good one and when you do, keep it in your family. However, many parents often commit babysitting sins, making the job a living nightmare for the nannies.

Delusional Babysitter Requirements

Free Babysitting

This Is Not A Babysitting Job

Little things count. Inviting neighborhood kids without adding extra pay, or being late without warning and not offering any monetary compensation are among common faux pas. Some parents even seek to pay their nannies with goods and/or food rather than money. Being clear about payment from the very first day, whether it’s the transfer date or the exact sum of money, is crucial in order not to make it awkward well into the job.

75 Cents An Hour For Babysitting

It’s Hard

Parents Get Mad At Woman After She Asks $35/Hour To Babysit Their 3 Children

Communication is key and not every babysitter can immediately pick up what you want them to do for their child. Guessing games usually don’t lead anywhere, so the first days should be spent together introducing your lifestyle, family habits, things the kid likes or doesn’t, as well as showing them around the house. Making sure you’re clear about routines and expectations will make their job easier and your mind clear.

But experts say communication should not stop at the introduction week. Maintaining a good, healthy bond with your babysitter is key, even if that means remodeling some things that don’t work. For example, if a late return is going to put your babysitter in a difficult position with public transport, then it’s worth thinking how you can help—whether by paying for a taxi, or offering to drive them home.

 Looking For An Experienced Babysitter At $3/Hour

Mom Refuses To Pay Babysitter Because She ‘Gets Free Ice Cream And Day Of Fun’, So She Shows Her ‘Deleted’ Texts

I’m Sure That $100 Per Week Will Go Far To Provide The Vegan Organic Food She’s Demanding The Babysitter Supply

Lady Wants Babysitter To Watch Her Three Young Kids Including A 1 Month Old For $160 A Week From 7am-6pm Monday-Friday. Oh And They Need To Be Picked Up And Dropped Off As Well

“Sometimes The Baby Screams Or Throws Up Too”

Potential Client Doesn’t Think I Can Do Math Apparently

I Wonder Why Her Babysitter Stopped Texting Her For Less Than $2 An Hour

Even Better, Someone Defended Her For The Amount She’s Willing To Pay

Babysitter Needed: 3 Kids, $2.50/Hr

Paying You To Babysit Is “A Deal Breaker Sorry No”

Free Painting

How Silly Of Me To Assume You Needed A Cat Sitter, I Wonder How I Came To That Conclusion!

Childcare Is Sooooooo Easy, It Should Be Cheap Right?

Crazy Mom On Facebook Only Wants To Pay $300 A Month For Full Time Baby Sitter

Must Have A Bachelors Degree To Babysit My House

Single Mom (Blue) Was Looking For A Babysitter In My Neighborhood Facebook Group

$2/Hr For A Full Time (58 Hours/Week) Babysitting Job. Sweet Deal!!

Single Mom Would Like To Pay Less Than 2$ An Hour For Childcare

Be A Very Specific Age, Have A Bachelor’s Degree, Be A Nanny, Housekeeper, Teacher And Personal Shopper…and More, All For $13/Hr

Family’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are So Crazy, They Got Shamed For It Online

Pay My Rent And Babysit For Me Too

For $2 An Hour The Babysitter Is “Terrible” For Just Sitting On The Couch And Making Sure The Kids Are Safe

A “Reasonable” Babysitter Willing To Work For Less Than $4 / Hr! Gtfoh!

My Neighbour. Oh And By “Sit In Her House” She Means Babysit Her Two Very High Needs Children

Babysitter Requirements For 2 Children: College Grad, Cpr Cert, Owns Car, 12+hours, Starts 4:30am. $12/Hr

Babysitter Choosing Beggars; People Should Just Babysit For Free!!