If only there was a parallel universe where cats were listening to their owners and weren’t in a hurry to jump onto their laps. Maybe there is a parallel universe, but we are sure that cats would still be acting like a queen there. 

Why are we saying so? That’s because kitties are ruling the internet with their hilarious pictures. 

My Crush Just Told Me Over Text That It Was “Unmanly” For Men To Have A Cat. I Sent Her This

This Could’ve Been An Email

Larry Good Cat

Caught This Absolute Angel Begging For Treats

I Was Told To Post This Here

Look At The Markings On This Cat

Apex Predator

Close Enough

I Have A Question

Black Cat Kinda Sus

A Short Story

The Committee Against Vacuum Cleaners


Onwards, My Noble Steed!

I Found This Little Boy In The Countryside, Alone. Initially He Was Scared, Now He Seems To Be Pretty Comfortable

“Describe Your Cat In One Picture”

A Motion Sensor Sign

She Didn’t Like Her New Ears

It’s Joke?

Catflix And Chill

Important Q

Halloween Costume Sorted

Where Is The Syrup, Stanley?


What The Hex??!!

The Cat Burglar Has Struck Again!

These Rolls Are Homemade

Getting Head Is Best

The Way My Cat Sleeps

If You Can’t Hide A Crime Scene, Just Pretend You Are A Victim

Behold The Glorious Whiskers Of Shoulder Cat

He Thinks He’s Being Sneaky

“I Do Not See The Humor In This”

I Found Our New Church

Today I Was Extremely Sad And I Thought “I Can’t Wait To Go Home And See My Cat, He Will Make Me Happy”. Ok Well I Found Out He Was More Depressed Than Me

Proud Daddy With His New Litter