You must know that r/MildlyInteresting has become one of the biggest communities on Reddit. The images and post that you will find in this community with 18.7 million followers are all about nature and some mental things. Nature is one of the most popular themes on the Internet and this subreddit has some of the most interesting posts, and we took the liberty to pick some of them and compile them for you.

#1 This Tree That Has Grown Across The Driveway And Sprouted More Trees Off The Top

#3 Flock Of Sparrows Portaying A Horse While Horses Gallop In The Background

#4 The Way This Ice Has Formed Looks Like A Tiny Forest

#5 The Way This Bird Sits While Eating

#6 My Cat Has A Genetic Mutation That Makes Her Eyes Weird, Her Sight Is Perfect

#7 The Area I Used To Work In Washington Looks Like Jurassic Park

#8 My Cat Has A Cookie Shape On His Belly

#9 I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Little Owl

#10 I Saw A White Deer In The Woods The Other Day

#11 My Tuxedo Cat Wednesday Has White Lines Going Down Each Leg. From Underneath She Looks Skeletal

#12 Stygian Owl Known For Red Reflection Of Their Eyes That Are Often Associated With The Devil

#13 The Inside Of My Purple Cabbage

#14 A 225 Million Year Old Petrified Opal Tree Trunk Located In Arizona

#15 Blue Sky Reflecting On Neighboring Building With Storm Behind It

#16 Two Roses Are Growing Out Of The Dying Remains Of The Other Rose

#17 How They Replanted This Forest To Smile At You In The Fall

#18 Black And White Squirrel That Came Up To Me On My Walk

#19 I Took A Photo From The Same Spot In All 4 Seasons

#20 I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes

#21 I Found Some Icicles Looking Like Chess Pieces

#22 A Tree Growing On The Branch Of Another Tree

#23 This Cat’s Markings Make It Look Like It’s Nose Is Missing

#24 The Way This Tree Stump Has A Cityscape On It

#25 This Cat Has Black Circles Around This Eyes

#26 This Snowflake Perfectly Suspended On A Spider’s Thread

#27 Jupiter And Saturn Alignment From Italy

#28 My Cat Has A Cat In His Markings

#29 The Way My Silhouette Appears Within This Circular Rainbow

#30 Found A Patch Of Moss Behind A Loading Dock That Looks Like A Tiny Tropical Island With A Palm Tree

#31 Bone Cancer In A Snake Skeleton

#32 This Rock That Looks Like A Sock

#33 The Way This Pumpkin Has Rotted Is Just Creepy

#34 Watched A Crimson Rose Caterpillar Metamorphosize To A Butterfly

#35 Splitting Firewood And Found A Piece Resembling The Sky In “The Starry Night”