The r/Lost_Architecture subreddit is one amazing thread that you should follow if you are crazy about historic architecture.

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They share images of buildings that have been lost in the past s the world changed. As you scroll down, you would witness some of the greater historic masterpieces that no longer exist.

#1 The Original Neue Elbbrücke Bridge From 1887-1959 In Hamburg, Germany

#2 Lost And Rediscovered

#3 “It’s Not Possible To Take Such A Photograph Anymore, As The Buildings Outside Block The Sun Rays.” Grand Central, NYC (1929)

#4 Built In 1504, Demolished In 1910. What Was The Oldest House In Hamburg, Germany

#5 Cincinnati Public Library 1871-1955

#6 Buddhas Of Bamiyan 6th-Century,the Statues Were Blown Up And Destroyed In March 2001 By The Taliban, On Orders From Leader Mullah Mohammed Omar

#7 Medieval Town Of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. Once One Of The Most Picturesque And Pristine Late Medieval Towns In Europe. Destroyed On March 22nd, 1945, One Month Before The War’s End

#8 Old Detroit Library In Detroit, Mi. Opened In 1877 And Demolished In 1931

#9 The Saltair Pavilion 1900-1925

#10 2000 Year Old N6 Pyramid In Sudan Which Was Demolished In The 1800’s By An Italian Treasure Hunter

#11 Warsaw, Poland 1939. No Need To Say What Happened Here. Truly A Tragic Loss

#12 The Late 3rd Century Tetrapylon Of Ancient Palmyra, Syria. Deliberately Destroyed By Isis, 2017

#13 Some Indian Temple Ruins And How They Looked In Their Prime

#14 Times Square (1919) Before All The Renovations And Billboards

#15 Lost Buildings From Villages In The Pacific Northwest, Late 1800s

#16 Bowhead House, Edinburgh, Scotland. Built In The Early 1500s, It Was Demolished In 1878. Many Locals Mourned The Loss, Having Regarded The House As One Of The Most Distinctive Relics Of The Old City

#17 The Original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel In NYC, Demolished In 1929 To Serve As The Site For The Empire State Building

#18 The Old Dutch House In Bristol, England. It Was Constructed In 1676 But Was Destroyed During The Bristol Blitz Of 1940 By The Luftwaffe

#19 I Took An 1898 Edition Of The California Architect And Building News And Found As Many Of The Houses In San Francisco As I Could On Google Maps

#20 The Armenian Cemetery Of Julfa Had Around 10,000 Elaborate Funerary Monuments Called “Khachkars,” Dating From The 9th To 17th Centuries. In 1998 And 2006 The Azerbaijani Government Destroyed Them All

#21 Colored Photograph Of Dresden, Germany (1890) Before The Bombing Of 1945

#22 Petrikirche In Berlin | Built In 1853, Destroyed In 1945 By The Bombing Of Berlin

#23 Ludgate Hill, London. Late 1800’s. Bombed In Ww2 Replaced With Modern Architecture

#24 The Hotel Netherland (NYC) Photographed In 1905 And Later Demolished In 1927

#25 “UFO” McDonald’s In Cambridgeshire, UK. (1990-2008)

#26 Sibley Breaker, Pennsylvania, Built In 1886 And Destroyed By Fire In 1906

#27 Ruins Of The Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

#28 Izumo-Taisha Honden, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Though The True Appearance Of This Shrine Is Not Known, These Artistic Renderings Are Based On Archaeological Evidence Of Giant Pillars And Historic Records Stating That The Building Was Raised On A 48 Meter Tall Platform. Stood C. 900-1200

#29 Imperial Palace At Constantinople, 12th Century

#30 Towers Of Bologna, Italy. Built In The 12th Century. Over Time They Were Demolished And Others Collapsed. Only 2 Remain Today

#31 St. Nikolai Church / Hamburg (Germany), Gothic Revival, Tallest Construction In The World Until 1877, Bombed In Summer 1943 By Royal Air Force. The Ruins Continue To Serve As A Memorial For The Victims Of War And Nazi Terror

#32 The Royal Opera House In Valletta, Malta (1911). Built In 1866, It Was Destroyed In World War II From A Direct Hit By Luftwaffe Bombers

#33 The Elisabeth Bridge Built In 1903 Budapest, Hungary. It Was The Longest Single-Span Bridge In The World At The Time And An Engineering Marvel. Following The Retreat Of German Forces From The City In Ww2, It Was Blown Up In The Morning Of January 18, 1945. Replaced In 1964 By A Modernist Bridge

#34 Interior Of The Ss Normandie. 1935 -1942. Destroyed In An Accidental Fire During Refurbishment For Military Service

#35 St. Ludwig Monastery – Netherlands. Completely Demolished In 2015