If there is anything that the year 2020 has done, it has taught us that nothing is impossible. After all, who has thought that one day we all will get stuck inside our houses regretting about all the places we could have gone to but we didn’t. Anyways, we are not here to give you a guilt trip. So, why are we here?  

Well, today, we are here to give you a little motivation. No matter what year it is, one thing that is always the same is the people who are taking their new year’s resolution of losing weight. But what they actually lose is their resolution in midway. However, this ain’t gonna happen this time. 

You might wonder why? Well, we saw that coming. That’s why we have compiled 35 before-and-after pictures of people who have worked really hard to get in shape. So, go on, scroll down, and get some inspiration folks. 

#1 Lost 203 Lbs In 2 Years

#2 Me Too

#3 I Weighed 354 Pounds And Suffered From Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, And Plantar Fasciitis. I Have Lost A Total Of 177 In A Year. I Workout 6 Days A Week And I No Longer Have Diabetes!

#4 Exactly Three Years Ago Versus Today. From 600 Pounds To 230 Pounds. 20 Pounds Under Goal!

#5 Minus 198 Lbs In 2 Years

#6 From 245lbs To 145lbs

#7 2012 (305 Lbs) Vs. 2016 (165 Lbs). The Difference Diet, Exercise, And Consistent Can Make

#8 Weight Loss Is 90% Diet, 10% Exercise, And 100% Mental!

#9 Back To 198.7

#10 Donna Lost 112 Lbs In Two Years And Became A Fitness Model

#11 The Christmas Card Lost 350 Lbs

#12 Progress, Not Perfection

#13 Carley Has Lost This Weight Between March 2015 And October 2016

#14 From 120 Kg To 65Kg In 18 Months

#15 Went From 545 To 215 Pounds

#16 166.5 Lbs Lost In 2 Years And 2 Weeks

#17 Albina Lost 63,5 Kg

#18 Became Vegan And Lost Weight

#19 My New Year’s Resolution Was To Be Below 200 By The End Of The Year – I Hit It This Morning, With 3 Weeks To Spare

#20 I’m Officially Down 90 Lbs

#21 After Starting My Body Weight Training My Fat Was Coming Off Like Butter And Seeing That Progress Was The Most Amazing Feelings And Biggest Boost Of Confidence I’ve Ever Had

#22 From 360 Lbs To 150 Lbs

#23 Lost 180 Lbs, Gained A New Outlook On Life

#24 It’s Not Easy But If You Stick With It And Believe, You Will Truly See Yourself Transform.

#25 320 Lbs Down To 120 Lbs. Feels Great To Be Free

#26 From 224LBS To 135LBS. I Agree With My Shirt. This Is A Pretty “Très Bien” Comparison

#27 David Has Lost 214 Pounds. He Went From 435 Pounds To 221 In 17 Months

#28 Lost 80 Kg In 14 Months

#29 340 Lbs Weight Lost In 3 Years

#30 Oliver Lost 350 Lbs In Two Years

#31 Jill Lost 196 Lbs In 4 Years

#32 Minus 70 Kilo In 15 Months!

#33 I Used To Weight 400 Lbs, Lost 160 Lbs And Had My First Photo Shoot

#34 Some Things Change, Some Things Never Do!

#35 Do You, Be Patient, Learn From Lessons And Blessings, Stay Humble And Amazing Things Can Happen