Have you ever seen a funny signboard that made you laugh so hard? If yes, this post is going to treat your eye with such hilarious and amazing signboards. 

These signboards will not just make you laugh but will also make your day. Scroll down to have a look. 

1. That’s clever

While it might take a second to get the message, this is funny. At the same time, it’s super clever. Hopefully, a lot of people raised their right foot.

2. Yep…that’s about right

There’s never a reason to litter. And for those who do, more than likely, they can check off at least two of these. Great sign.

3. The only way to drive

When it comes to marketing, KFC got it right. You have to chuckle at this. And you’ll never go wrong driving on mushrooms and Coke.

4. You think?

Thank goodness someone put this sign there. Otherwise, no one would have a clue. It looks like the lifeguards at the aquatic center were bored.

5. Turn around

If you see something like this, you should do what the sign says. Yes, it’s a brilliant way to keep people off of someone’s private property. But there’s an underlying warning involved that’s a little creepy.

6. RIP Roger

See, that’s what happens when someone spreads their misery to others. They get a bench named after them. We’re just not we’d want to sit on it since Roger might still be hanging around.

7. It’s trickery

This is fantastic. Considering the owner had to post a sign, what do you want to bet that a lot of people have called the police? That cat’s a troublemaker, for sure.

8. We will rock you

Freddie would be so proud…or we think he would. You have to admit it’s catchy. But will it work? No, probably not.

9. No soliciting

Forget about posting a sign that says “no soliciting.” No one will pay attention to it. But this? Yeah, that’ll keep unwanted people away.

10. It all makes sense

You know the story of Noah and Ark. Well, now you understand why he focused on saving animals. While this sign is hilarious, it also rings true. Some people prefer critters over humans.

11. You’ve been warned

At least they were nice enough to post a warning sign. Poor Pete. Just one question…where is this located so we can avoid going there.

12. Nailed it

This is a hoot. But do you know what the funniest part is? This sign is 100 percent spot-on.

13. Bottom’s up

For anyone who enjoys a beer or cocktail? Here you go. See, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy a brew or two.

14. Supersized

There’s nothing better than a big muffin with a cup of coffee in the morning. So, the next time you want something supersized and fresh, you know the brand to buy. Just don’t park your vehicle anywhere close.

15. Jiggly eyes

If you live in an earthquake zone, there’s no need to buy an expensive detection kit. All you need is this. Just pay attention to the jiggly eyes and you’re good to go.

16. Ouch

This is one of those “sweet and to the point” kind of signs. But with so many Karen’s out there, it’s necessary. You know you love it.

17. Keep it in the community

This is such a funny sign. At the same time, it’s true. Especially if you like to support local businesses and organizations, remember reading this.

18. Dog-friendly hotel

Let’s hope there are enough dogs to vouch for their owners. Otherwise, people might find themselves without a place to sleep. Not to mention the hotel will go out of business.

19. It grabs your attention

Now that’s funny. And it gets the message across. Kudos to the marketing expert at this company.

20. Tasters needed

When someone leaves a bad review for your business, you could do what this person did. Turn lemons into lemonade. Immediately, this sign makes you want to find out for yourself.

21. Yeah, just stop it

We’re pretty sure you can agree with this. After all, there are a lot of people in Hollywood this applies to. But of course, we won’t name any names.

22. Easy to relate to

More than likely, a lot of people get this. Especially individuals with kids. But if you’re hearing music, there could be something way more serious going on than just the stresses of life.

23. It finally happened

This is downright hilarious. It’s also a little bit scary. All those sci-fi books that people use to laugh at…well, the only thing they’re laughing at now is this sign.

24. Decipher this

If you’ve ever had a doctor’s note or a handwritten prescription, you have to chuckle. Even the most well-educated physicians can’t write worth a darn. It’s too bad. Maybe there’s some cool message here.

25. You don’t say?

Yes, this company is in desperate need. And what a hilarious way to get the message out. As far as their HR department? They’re doing just fine.

26. Shame on them

Who knew back in the Biblical days that two people would be so relevant in today’s technology? An apple, it all started with a stupid apple. Way to go, Adam and Eve.

27. No nonscience menu

For people who like coffee but have no idea how to order it. Well, here you go. If you can’t get it right now, you might as well just give up and turn to water.

28. Way to go, Joe

Yep…it was Joe’s fault all along. This proves it. Hopefully, this hilarious sign was nothing more than a prank as Joe heads off to retirement.

29. Straight to the point

Sometimes, funny signs are blatantly true. Here’s a perfect example. There are probably some parents out there who appreciate this sign because it helps them avoid having “the talk.” You know, the one about the birds and the bees.

30. Be on the lookout

This is probably one of the funniest signs ever. This poor woman just wants her Roomba back. Did you notice that no one took a sticker? She probably worked that thing to death and it finally escaped. On a positive note…the streets are super clean.

31. Amazingly brilliant

For years, people have debated about the correct way for toilet paper to roll. Some say over and some say under. This sign puts it in perspective in a hysterical way. Beards are cool.

32. Stubbornness kills

Who knew? Well, it appears that’s nothing more than a myth. Just ask the men who left a message on this sign.

33. Push or pull?

Have you ever tried to open a door only to find out that you should’ve pushed when you pulled or vice versa? It’s so embarrassing. At this maternity ward, the signs give very clear instructions.

34. Those darn snakes

Just as this sign shows, you can’t even walk across the floor without them trying to bite your ankles. Where do they come from? How do they even get inside of businesses? At least customers are warned.

35. Thought-provoking

You know you laughed. But at the same time, do they? Unless your dog can tell you, there’s no way to know. That’s unless when seeing one, your pup immediately turns around and puts his paws behind his back.