Do you know about the forbidden fruit? Well, originally this term symbolized the fruit grown in the Garden of Eden. But in the 21st century, this term has expanded because there are multiple “forbidden food” examples that can be found throughout the world. 

To give you a glimpse, we have listed some of them here. 

A small warning though: this list will likely leave you very hungry, so just keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat random things, no matter how tasty they appear. Stick to real food!

This Rock Found In Indiana That Looks Like Fried Chicken

Okay, Who Took A Bite Out Of The Forbidden Peanut Butter Brownie?

A Hummingbird Which Looks Like A Jalapeño

This Tree Looks Like Broccoli

The Surprising Amount Of Bite Marks On These IKEA Display Apples

Forbidden Pasta (Rattle Snake Rattler)

Frog That Looks Like Cheese On A Burger

I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Fried Egg

Hospital Staff Gave Me A Snack On The Bed Sheets, Turns Out It’s The Sponge I Need To Use In The Shower Before Surgery

Forbidden Milk

This Coaster

Would You Be Interested In A Cup Of Latte?

Forbidden Salami

Forbidden Ham

One Is Chocolate, One Is For The Dishwasher

Someone Left Some Mashed Potatoes In The Car

Broccoli Birb

Forbidden Fried Chicken

Forbidden Banana

Forbidden Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This Kiwi Looks Weird Though

Forbidden English Muffin

Forbidden Croissant (Sofa)

This Printer At Work Uses Small Colored Balls For Ink, They Look Like Forbidden M&M’s

Forbidden Rare Steak

Landscaping Stone I Found That Looks Exactly Like A Hunk Of Crab Leg Meat

Forbidden Loaf Of Bread

Forbidden Ground Beef

This One Rock In The Entryway Of A House

Forbidden Ciabatta

Forbidden Cinnamon Sugar Donut Hole

Forbidden Cookie Dough. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Forbidden Rice Noodle (The Inside Of My Inflatable Air Mattress)

Forbidden Seedless Strawberry Jelly (Violin Rosin)

Forbidden Potato Chips