After all these years, we can finally say that the internet is a free place. It doesn’t matter if you are an award-winning scientist, a common person, actor, or President, you can tell people how stupid they are.

But when you are doing so, remember that someone out there can also call out your BS. So, you gotta be careful otherwise, you might get featured on r/DontYouKnowWhoIam.

This subreddit community is dedicated to those spicy moments when people were oblivious to who they were talking to and has collected quite a lot of them since its inception in 2015.

Here are some of the best ones.

Regional Reports Manager


Underestimating A Multi-Talented Model!

Even though there’s a line between self-and over-confidence, trusting in your judgment can help you become successful in life.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication can be extremely effective at garnering positive attention and influence in groups. According to one hypothesis (the presumption of calibration hypothesis), people generally assume others have the self-knowledge to know how confident they should be, and we also assume they will truthfully communicate this confidence to us (the so-called truth bias), unless extenuating circumstances suggest otherwise.

So whenever we see confidence, we tend to find it compelling, and we expect it to be justified.

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Learn To Speak English

The Guy Then Came At Him Saying He Violated The Hippocratic Oath

Red Faces All Round

Interestingly, some research has reported that being overconfident while participating in a group activity did not damage the person’s reputation — individuals who trusted their task performance (but were later revealed to be worse at the task than they had claimed) did not suffer a severe drop in their social status in the group relative to someone who had been well-calibrated.

The researchers concluded that “the status benefits of overconfidence outweighed any possible status costs.”

So extreme cases aside, being featured on r/DontYouKnowWhoIam might not be the worst thing that can happen to you.

Experience ≠ Skill Level

Challenging A Doctor

Don’t You Know What I Am?

He’s Egyptian

Becky Says Do Your Research About Vaccines Y’all!

Karen vs. Owner

Accusing A Former Us Secretary Of Labor Of Being A Keyboard Warrior

Physician Didn’t Read A (Verified) Acct Bio Of Another Doctor Before Patronising Him About His Area Of Expertise

Accusing The Artist Based On Images From The Artist’s Own Website

Man Tries To Lecture History Professor On History

Tony Hawk Tries To Rent A Car

What Are The Odds, Really?

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Anti-Masker Gets Shut Down Quickly

Sauna Advice

A Different Kind Of Dykwim

Ah Well

My Friend Is A Scientist, So Exchanges Like This Occur Almost Every Day

Running “Coach” Meets The Runner He Bases His Training On

It Happens Again

Asian? It Must Be A Chinese Puppet Handler

Spotted On Tictac

Please Educate Yourself About Vaccines

Someone Lied On Their Resume

In All Fairness, I Don’t Tend To Wear T-Shirts With My Boss’s Name On Them

Oh You R So Cool And Must Be A Really Important Person

Having A Ba In Politics Is Better Than Being A Constitutional Lawyer, Right?

“Are You Neil Patrick Harris Like Huh”

Youtube Doing What Youtube Does Best

Explaining What Baguette Means To A French Person