That time of the year is back when people are kinder towards each other, try to spread smiles, love more, and hate less. Christmas is all about giving and expecting nothing in return. Hello pet lovers, we know you are also about to plan gifts for your family and friends this festive season, but let’s not forget the most important furry friends of ours. Make Christmas special for even the abandoned and ignored pets and make it memorable for you as well as them.

Dogs Trust Ireland’s Rehoming Center staff donates toys for these homeless and abandoned dogs. They do not choose the toy for the dog, instead, they allow the dog to pick their favourite toy. “We recorded 35 dogs picking a toy and then spent (many) hours editing it to show the best reactions. One or two just wanted pets and snuggles more than a toy. The dogs were let in one by one, so we didn’t have to worry about any of them wanting the same toy” – explained Dogs Trust Ireland to Hiptoro



“In 2017, we decided to do Secret Santa Paws for the dogs, where staff members bought a long-term dog a present specifically for them, and we recorded it and got a great reaction. In 2018, we wanted to do something different, so again the staff donated toys, but we thought the dogs might like to pick their own. So we lined them up, and it was the best day… the dogs were SO happy and watching them was just amazing. So we did it again this year, and combined supporter donations from under our tree in the reception with staff toy donations” – said Dogs Trust Ireland.


Since 2005, the group has been active n Facebook. They rescue dogs, rehome them and rehabilitating dogs of all size, shapes and colours.

As they write on their Facebook page, they are “working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.” They promise that they will “never destroy a healthy dog.”




“As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs and some delighted in the squeakiest toy they could find,” Dogs Trust Ireland wrote on their Facebook page.


“We put a pause on adoptions over Christmas every year, so the dogs in the video are still with us, but we hope to find them their Forever Homes in the new year! We have had other shelters lining up toys and letting the dogs pick them. and they have tagged us in their posts, which is amazing! Sniffing the toys and picking one out requires concentration for the dogs, and really brings out their different personalities. It’s just fantastic for us to see them being so happy over something so simple, and we really, really hope this will help them all get adopted in 2020!”



Watch the video: