Did you have a fight with your friend? Did you have a rough day at your office? Or are you feeling low and you don’t know why? If you are saying yes, we want to say one thing- we feel you. Life is hard and this pandemic has made it harder. 

Each time when something happens, we think that things can’t get worse but this year proved us wrong each time. To be honest, we all have wanted something different from this year. However, if there is anything that we have got, it’s lockdown and social distancing. Ahh! That’s sad. 

But this does not mean that you should stop smiling. Even if you are having a bad day, this post is going to make you feel better. So, leave whatever you are doing and scroll down to see the precious fur babies who are waiting to make your day better. 

1. Look who’s happy to be adopted! Precious.

2. Comforting each other in a time of need.

3. This little bubba just became a mommy and look at how happy she is.

4. Bringing his human toys to comfort them!

5. Proud of this beautiful doggo!

6. Daily cuddles with grandma.

7. Pelican and doggo. What an odd friendship.

8. This blind and deaf doggo decided to comfort the rescued kitten. The purest heart ever.

9. Years later and this one still fits in the boot… well, a part of him.

10. This doggo was born with Cerebral Hypoplasia. Luckily he can still go on hikes in a backpack.

11. This little baby boy is in a time-out but nice to know he doesn’t have to go through this alone.

12. This pitbull wanted to show off the teddy bear.

13. When you love someone so much, nothing can keep you apart. These doggos came to visit a man in a hospital. If this isn’t unconditional love, I don’t know what is.

14. 15 years and they are still best friends.

15. Give this boy a medal.

16. This corgi is definitely very famous.

17. This one just wanted to fit in.

18. Happier and healthier.

19. May I please get on?

20. It is a very difficult choice, after all.

21. This boy was lost. So glad he has been found.

22. Goodest boy caught a moth.

23. A bunch of regulars spreading love.

24. Like Human, Like Dog.

25. Someone was supposed to be the guard dog. Look at how that worked out!

26. Happy with or without the surgery.

27. This one didn’t grow up. The place just shrunk.

28. Just because you don’t have a pet, doesn’t mean you can’t pet your neighbors pet.

29. This one is a very shy doggo. Happy to see them getting along.

30. Little boy put this pupper to bed with his favorite toy.


32. The best resting place.

33. They are both so smol, it’s too adorable not to love.

34. Not so cold anymore. Thank you, kind human!

35. Hero dog. He deserves the world.