There are endless reasons why we love dogs and we just can’t picture our lives without them. Imagine, one day, we woke up, and there are no dogs around. That will surely be one of our worse days. 

But we have these furry babies by our side that always bring a smile to our faces. Scroll down and check out these amazing pictures of doggos being hilarious AF!

1. This dad and his doggo.

Looks like he wasted no time in replacing all the other kids. And to be fair, we wouldn’t blame him. Look at this derpy doggo!

2. The perfect way to announce the arrival of a new baby.

You mean.. you mean to say… they stay up all night?! CRYING?!

3. You leave them alone for one second!

And BAM!! They make sure you regret it. You’re supposed to stay with them furr-ever.

4.This is the most cutest and the most hilarious derp face that I’ve ever seen.

How can one look so cute and be extremely silly at the same time?

5. This is Lychee and all she wants is that sangria.

Sadly, you’re too young for it little one. Maybe try getting a fake ID first.

6. Yes, stare into my soul why don’t you.

How can one ever say no to this face?

7. Dog: “Hellooooo can I have some food?”

Well goodmorning to you, too buddy.

8. “I sing to her in the morning before I leave to work. She has a favorite spot where she lays to listen right next to me.”

Making sure the owner knows who the boss is here so they can stay a little longer.

9. Is it a ghost? Is it a dog?

Guess we will never know. But if this is his Halloween costume, it’s right on spot.

10. This little guys name is Turnip.

Ngl, this name suits him. What a gentle little goofball.

11. Bruce just graduated from puppy school. I only have one question

Where and how do I sign up for this school?

12. You thought there is only one doggo who graduated? No sir!

Here’s another cutie who fulfilled their dream. We are proud.

13. Imagine walking into a room and thinking you’re alone.

Little do you know!

14. When you can’t do doggo no more

So you become a boot model?!

15. New clothes who dis?

This one doesn’t seem too comfy though?

16. If all the ladies love me had a face

I’m surprised there is still some space left for more kisses.

17. Quick, Mom’s coming. HIDE!

Okay, but where? Where to hide?!

18. This owner is unsure if they love each other too much or they are just stupid.

Could be both at the same time though.

19. I wonder what the reaction of the hooman would be like.

Watching a random doggo just steal away your potato.

20. This doggo knows how to do the perfect puppy dog face

Just so it’s hooman doesn’t leave it.

21. What do you do when your doggo is sleeping like a weirdo?

You take a picture of them and post it online because it’s just too freaking hilarious.

22. “At 24 weeks it finally clicked for my dog that I am pregnant. This is her standing guard while I pee so nothing can get to me. 10/10 good doggo.”

Must. Protec. New. Tiny. Hooman! Don’t pee it out.

23. “No dogs were at the dog park this morning. My good boyee waited patiently for friends to arrive 😭”

Alright! Who is cutting onions?!!

24. I wanna be this happy when I wake up from my naps.

The smile at the end just makes it 1000 percent better.

25. This one is more cute than hilarious but it was worth mentioning!

Just look at how protective he’s being. Someone pass me the tissues!

26. “I love saying goodnight to this face each night. Side note: Rosie sleeps with her bone and treats it like her baby.”

Rosie is just the most beautiful doggo ever!

27. “White Fang trying to make sure she gets as close as possible after being separated for a couple of days.”

Okay, but who would ever complain? I’d have separation anxiety from my own doggo so I totally geddit.

28. I’m sure you’ve heard of double-headed snakes

But have you ever heard of a double headed doggo? Yeah it’s a rare breed.

29. So bascially,

They all just copy-pasted. No effort is required.

30. This doggo is just done with the hoomans.

We feel it, too. sem 2 sem.

31. This one didn’t let the surgeries get to him and still never fails to put a smile on it’s hoomans face.

Be like him!

32. “Taking a bath when I’m home “alone””

They just wanna keep you company hooman. Entertainment is important for a relaxing bath.

33. When you’re nosy and you don’t even try to hide it.

Seem like this one wants to keep an eye on everything.

34. As if one nosy doggo wasn’t enough, now we have three.

I wonder what they’re thinking. WHY ARE YOU SO INTRIGUED?!

35. Have you ever seen such a majestic doggo?