If there is one person who can do anything for his little princesses, it’s dad. Oh, well that’s why we call them Superheros! Dads can do anything for their daughters even if it means applying the makeup and posing for a cute picture. 

If you are also a proud father to a lovely and intelligent daughter, you can relate to what we are saying. But if you are not, you can just scroll down to see what a father and daughter duo can do. 

#1 Dad Life You Say? I Raise You Single Father Dress Up Time

#2 Make Up For Christmas

#3 Beautiful

#4 My Step Daughter Was Asking To ‘Do My Hair’. Regretting It A Bit Now

#5 I’ve Been Having A Hard Time Bonding With And Getting My Daughter To Smile Lately. So I Finally Agreed To Let Her Give Me A Makeover And Her Smile Says It All

#6 Girl Dad

#7 I Did My Dad’s Makeup. Giving “Beautiful” A Whole New Meaning

#8 Pug Tails

#9 This One Looks Like Made By The Professional

#10 The Rock And His Daughter

Me: Baby come here and give daddy a kiss, he’s gotta go to work.
Jazzy: But daddy I have to paint your toes.
Me: Nope, daddy’s got his shoes on and gotta go to work, now come give me a kiss.
Jazzy: Ok, then let me paint your face, daddy.
Me: *confidently laughs* Absolutely not, now I gotta go to work, now get over here and kiss me.
Jazzy: *while looking up at me with her mama @laurenhashianofficial’s intoxicating blue eyes… BUT DADDY, I need to paint your face for work.
Me: Ok, but make sure you choose manly colors that are flattering to my complexion.
As much as I tell her no, with my crazy busy life, this is the stuff I actually love

#11 Ain’t No Way Around It When You’re A Girl Dad Bruh

#12 I Was My Baby’s First Client In Her Nail Spa This Morning. If You Don’t Have Nothing Nice To Say About Her Work, Then Don’t Say Nothing. She Is Open For Appointments

#13 Crafty Girl Here

#14 When You Have A Dad Who Lets Himself Do Everything And Enjoys It As Much Or More Than The Girl. Moments Like That Are Worth It

#15 Makeup Session

#16 Oh Boy. My Girls Said It’s Time For Another Makeover. So When Little Girls Tell You To Sit Down And Hold Still That’s What You Do

#17 The Aftermath Of 7 Little Girls At A Sleepover

My husband may kill me if he saw this pic out and about, but I leave you with this photo.

#18 She Did A Great Job

#19 Princess Time

#20 Being A Dad Of All Daughters Isn’t All About Keeping Boys Away From Them. Sometimes It’s Trying Out A Pallet From

#21 Mine Got Nail Polish

#22 Makeover For The Family

#23 Grandpa’s Beauty Time

#24 Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

#25 Daughter Made Her Dad Fabulous

#26 When A 5-Year-Old Decides To Make Daddy Beautiful. The Results Are Astonishing

#27 Amethyst Came Up With An Idea To Keep Herself Entertained During Quarantine. Dad Said Yes

#28 This Is What Fathers Do


#29 It Happens To Best My Brother

#30 She Had A Vision

#31 Stay Strong

#32 Avery Found Some Of Mommy’s Makeup. I Think She Has A Career As A Professional Make-Up Artist

#33 He Looks Pretty

#34 Daddy Was A Good Sport Tonight And Let Addy Go Crazy And Do His Makeup

#35 Gotta Stay Looking Sharp For The Wife