A doppelganger is known as a look-alike phenomenon. If folklore tales are true, it is considered being a bad omen, at least in the past it was. But, people who have shared their images on the Internet of meeting their doppelganger are surprisingly pleased to have this opportunity in life. Imagine, how would you react to meeting your doppelganger someday? Will you be frightened or will you be happy just like these people are. Well, take a look at these images and do tell us what do you think about having such a coincidence in your life.

#1 My Doppelganger Was Seated Next To Me On A Plane, Then We Accidentally Checked Into The Same Hotel And Went For A Beer

#2 I Found My Literal Doppelgänger Just Now Wtf

#3 I Ran Into My Doppelganger At My Cousin’s Wedding And She’s My Cousin’s Husband’s Sister, No Other Relation

#4 My Friend Met His Doppelganger Last Night

#5 When Retired Priest Neil Richardson Moved To Essex He Found People Kept Coming Up To Him To Say “Hello John” – Because His Double Already Lived There

#6 My Own Doppelganger That I Ran Into At A Music Festival, Plus A Face-Swap Of The Photo

#7 My Friend Found Her Doppelganger At A Party

#8 My Friend Also Found His Doppelgänger At A Party

#9 Doppelgangers. Truly Freaky

#10 Bumped Into My Doppelganger At Subic Bay. My Dad, Cousins And Brother Accidentally Mistook Her For Me, So My Aunty Asked Her If We Could Take A Photo Together

#11 10 Years Ago When I Went Off To College For The First Time, People I Didn’t Know Kept Coming Up To Me And Calling Me “Brian”. My Name Is Josh. Then A Few Weeks Into The Semester I Met Brian And We Took This Picture Together.

#12 Found My Doppelganger. Funny…. We Even Share The Same Birthday

#13 My Dads Coworker Is Also His Doppelgänger

#14 My Girlfriend Met Her Doppelganger

#15 I Met My Twin Brother From Another Mother At The Bar. His Name Is Adam And He Also Likes Beer

#16 My Bf (left) Met His Doppelganger At Ikea Last Night

#17 Saw Doppelgänger On Front Page Met Mine A Few Weeks Ago

#18 His Girlfriend Of One Year Started Walking Towards Me Thinking I Was Him…

#19 Met My Doppelgänger And Thought I’d Share. We Even Had Matching Hair Accessories. I’m On The Left

#20 I (im The Shorter One) Met My Canadian Doppelganger On A Cruise Ship With My Wife On Our Honeymoon!

#21 Got Stationed In Okinawa And Shortly After My Doppelgänger Joined My Unit

#22 I Was Walking Around A While Back And Met My Doppleganger, We Even Have The Same First Name

#23 Met My Doppelgänger. He’s A Better Smiler Than I Am.

#24 So My Friend Found His Doppelgänger?

#25 This Is Me And My Doppelgänger. Have Any Of You Redditors Met Yours In Real Life?

#26 Met My Doppelganger

#27 My Friend Just Found His Doppelganger

#28 My Friend Met His Doppelganger On A Night Out…

#29 I Met My Doppelganger In Australia!

#30 Just 20 Minutes Before I Walked Into The Restaurant, The Server Told Her She Looked Like Me. We Actually Already Know Each Other.

#31 Was Out Last Saturday Night Minding My Own Business When A Guy And His Parents Approached Me For A Photo. Apparently I’m His Doppelganger?

#32 Ran Into My Daughter On A Business Trip… Oops. Guess Not.

#33 It’s Always An Interesting Night When You Randomly Run Into A Beard Doppelganger

#34 My Wife (left) Met Her Doppelgänger On Our Holiday In Rome.

#35 I Found My Doppelganger In A Bar Bathroom