Hello cat lovers, we know you wait for a long to get some fresh photos of cats every single week. We absolutely love small and big cats. The soft meows and the louder ones are thoroughly enjoyed by us. A subreddit named the ‘Illegally Big Cats’ hasrecentlycaughtourattention. With more than 13k Redditors is something that you all should follow. They post images of these big-size cats who you will instantly fall in love with. An ordinary cat should not weigh more or be big enough like these cats you will see in the images. Feeding them more can lead them to be overweight and can cause a problem in their healthy living.

So, Hiptoro wanted to learn more about what can be the effects of cats being overweight. We decide to talk to the PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity. The PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing was happy to help us with information that could help pet parents learn what they should keep in consideration while feeding their pets.

“It’s important to remember that when a cat is overweight the excess pounds puts additional strain on the normal functioning of the body,” Vet Nurse Downing explained us. “The same may be true for some larger breeds of cat, especially amongst the pedigrees, where gene pools can be smaller.”

#1 Big Boy

#2 Magnas The Great

#3 “Big Boy Aragon And My Dad”

#4 As Requested, A Hand To Hand Comparison With Einstein The Polydactyl Chonk!

#5 5 Big Cats Of The World…leopard, Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Fuzzy The Maine Coon

#6 Help! He Is Growing Up Way Too Fast

#7 Thats A Very Big Cat

#8 Illegally Fluffy

#9 Big Boye

#10 This Cat Is Huge!!!

#11 My Illegally Big Boy Ajax

#12 Thought This Belonged Here


#13 Buba

#14 Ok

#15 Does My Winter Coat Make Me Look Chonk?

#16 Meet Zach And Marty

#17 He May Be Huge, But Fat Jack Is One Suave Lookin

#18 Handsome Boy Is Getting Big!!

#19 Finally Got A Photo Showing How Huge My Parents Cat Is

#20 Play Mates

#21 He Needed A Plus Size Cat Tree Even

#22 Chip Exploring Outside!

#23 The Polydactyl Chonk I Catsit Every So Often. He Weighs About 25 Lbs And Has Paws Almost As Big As My Hands!

#24 My Big Floofy Rescue Boy!

#25 Oh Lawd

#26 My Extremely Loving 25 Lb Ball Of Fluff, Daemon Is Ready For His Audition For The New Icon =) He’s Part Maine Coon And Part Turkish Van So He’s A Huge Boy. As Big As My Torso. He’s So Sweet And Loving And Sleeps With Me Every Night. I Love My Sweet Boy

#27 The Largest Cat In NYC, And Possibly The World, 28 Lb

#28 He’s Huge And Lazy But When Treats Are Involved, This Big Guy’ll Do Anything

#29 Was Caught During Grooming Sesh

#30 My Little Sleeping Tiger (8 Kg)

#31 Took A Quick Break From Work To Rest My Back And This Happened. It Was Really Hard To Get Back Up To Finish Work

#32 I Volunteer At The Cat Cafe In My Uni City. Our Maine Coon (Marijke, Or Meep For Short) Has Been Walked Around In This Pouch Since She Was A Tiny Kitten – Though She Is A Wee Bit Bigger Than She Was A Few Years Ago!

#33 30% Fat 70% Cuteness

#34 This Cat Do Be Thicc Tho

#35 “Charlie Fats” Backed Into A Corner