If you are living with a beautiful feline, you can’t live peacefully. Why not? Because jumping at their owners while they are sleeping and staring at them while they are in the bathroom is what cats are great at. 

But to show you that you are not alone whose cat is not letting him live in peace, we have compiled 35 images. You can scroll down and see how shamelessly these cats are disrespecting their owner’s privacy. 

#1 My Cat Got In The Way While I Was Washing My Face Before Bed And I Got The Best Picture Of Her I’ve Ever Taken

#2 The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder

Months later she still likes to snooze in the tub… Can’t get a moment alone… and I thought cats hated water.

Natalie Cady Bishop of Cat Behavior Solved told us a few things about cats. “Cats definitely value their own personal space”. “If it is ‘invaded’ they may even resort to swatting or biting you! They prefer interactions to be on their terms.”

#3 Every Time I Shower He Thinks I’m Suffering And Tries To Rescue Me

“There is not a polite way to ‘shoo’ a cat in their mind. I recommend playing with them and then giving them treats or a small meal in a puzzle feeder or treat ball. Added physical and mental stimulation will result in a happy cat who will likely choose to leave you alone,” Cady Bishop explained.

“This technique usually works because a cat’s normal progression is ‘hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep.’ This is important to remember if you have a cat who wakes you up in the middle of the night. Doing this before you go to bed may ensure that you get a more restful night’s sleep.”

#4 12 Years Together And He Still Fears For My Life Every Time I Take A Bath

#5 My Alien Crew Receiving A Transmission From The Mothership

#6 My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet

#7 I’m Not Allowed To Have Alone Time

#8 Human, What Are You Doing In That Bathroom?

#9 My Cat Likes To Hunt Me When I Go To The Bathroom

#10 My Cat Always Sits Like This When I’m In The Shower

#11 Been Sick In The Bathroom All Night And Butterfly Hasn’t Left My Side

#12 My Cats Reaction When I Come Out Of The Shower

#13 Laser Cat

#14 You’re Never Alone

#15 Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

#16 I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me. He Screams At Me In Terror The Entire Time

#17 Professional Shower Supervisor

#18 This Is My Cat, Who Likes To Poke You When You’re In The Bath

She is slightly handicapped so can’t bring us mice like the other cats, so instead brings us leaves and meows until we acknowledge them.

#19 Neighbour’s Cat Looking Through My Bathroom Window

#20 My Cat Is Legitimately Concerned That I Am In The Bath

#21 The Abyss Staring Back

#22 After A Massive Panic Attack I Decided To Take A Bubble Bath. The Kitties Were Still Too Worried To Leave My Side

#23 My Cat Likes To Take Baths With Me

#24 No Privacy At All

#25 Our Cat Is Very Protective Of Our Newborn. She Does Not Approve Of Her Getting A Bath

#26 I Was Crying In The Bathroom And He Demanded To Get Inside And Get In The Sink To Be With Me

#27 That Moment When You’re Trying To Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath But Get A Distinct Feeling You’re Being Watched

#28 This Is Cinnamon, She Likes To Make You Uncomfortable While You Use The Bathroom

#29 I Now Know I’m Not The Only One. He Goes From The Toilet To The Sink, Climbs On My Shoulders, And Perches On My Head

#30 My Parents’ Cat Destroyed The Bathroom’s Door Vents So He Could Spy While We Pee

#31 Every Time I Take A Bath. Never Any Privacy

#32 Today My Son, Aberforth, Learned That Sometimes Humans Willingly Take Baths

#33 My Sister’s Cat Follows Me Everywhere, Here She Is Following Me To The Bathroom

#34 Sup

#35 My Cat Usually Showers With Me But Decided To Hop In With My Fiancé This Morning Instead. Some Things Can’t Be Unseen