Cats are an enigma that has captured the hearts of people for thousands of years. Their mysterious personalities and adorable looks have made them an incredibly popular pet.

Owning a cat can help reduce loneliness and depression, and imbue you with positive feelings of responsibility and companionship. Far from a sign of ‘craziness’, keeping a cat at home is more likely to signal an improvement in mental health. Any cat person will tell you why their cat is the cutest. From their round eyes to their adorable purrs, sweet meows, and unpredictable quirky behaviors, these are just a few things why humans find them charming.

There’s little need to convince you that our beloved felines secretly rule the world. But in case you have any doubts, we have scratched and clawed the internet to find some of the most lovable and heartwarming pictures of our furry friends, all for your enjoyment.

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1. The Darkness. The Destroyer Of Worlds

2. It Is The Cutest Pic I’ve Seen Today

To learn more about why we humans are so mesmerized by these adorable fluffy creatures, we reached out to Dr. Jo Lewis, an award-winning British feline expert vet, and author of What’s My Cat Thinking? “I think for me personally, cats seem to connect with my soul,” she told us.

“It’s not all about how they look, although as a lifelong cat lover and feline expert vet, I naturally think all cats are visual masterpieces and the epitome of cuteness. But more importantly for me, it’s about their physical and spiritual presence in the home and how they interact with me and the world around them,” she added.

Dr. Lewis recalls the moments “when they’re curled up with you and then they look into your eyes and either snuggle into an even tighter ball or reach out a soft paw to gently touch your face — having seemingly made a conscious choice to retract those killer claws and opt for tenderness.”

3. Sitting Like This every time

4. Cute Lil Vampire Kitty

When asked why do people find their appearance so alluring, she said that, to a degree, it’s about personal opinion and taste. But there’s also something far more chemical than that. “We feline scientists believe that pet cats share a lot of the same visually appealing features as infants of our own species.”

It turns out that cats are the same size and weight as the average human newborn with compact little faces with big foreheads, button noses, and huge bright, forward-facing eyes. “Of course, both babies and cats are soft to the touch — fur (only ever of the faux kind of course!) must be a desirable tactile texture given its appeal across the fashion, interior design and cuddly toy industries.”

5. I Got The Cutest Photo Of These Two Foster Babies Several Weeks Ago

6. Hypno-Kitty

7. He’s Having A Moment

The feline expert mentioned that we’re definitely affected by sweet animal features because they seem to awaken our primal instinct to nurture and protect in the way we would potentially care for our own offspring. “People get such pleasure from providing for their cat’s needs too,” she added. “Whether it’s their ‘cute’ faces or appealing meows and purrs, spending time with cats can have a powerful impact on our stress levels.”

“Science has shown that it even improves the carefulness and steadiness of our muscle control and movements (presumably to ensure we don’t drop that baby).” So Dr. Lewis believes it’s no surprise people with cats “often call them ‘fur babies’ and refer to themselves as a ‘purrent’, ‘cat mom’ or ‘cat daddy’.”

8. Wally Got Scared, And His Eyes Broke My Heart?

 9. I Think It’s Time To Repot The Cat

10. Double Layer Of Cuteness

However, our affinity for cats is not all about visual ‘cuteness’. “Both human infants and cats let us know when they need something by letting out audible, high-pitched cries (or meows) that research shows measure at a very similar frequency. Pet cats have even purrfected their vocal repertoire to the degree that it has a more endearing tone to the human ear than the calls of their wildcat ancestors. Once you deliver what a meowing cat is after, you’ve essentially rewarded them and hence trained them to do it again!”

11. “Excuse Me, But Did Someone Say ‘Pspspspsps!’?”

 12. This Is It, Guys. She’s Hit Peak Cute

 13. The Rescue Said To Take Pictures That Capture My Foster Kitten’s Personality To Help Her Get Adopted. I Just Sent Them These

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to say that one of the biggest world’s mysteries is cat logic. Dr. Lewis has dedicated her career and life to helping people understand them, and told us that felines “are usually trying to tell us something far more significant than ‘hey, I’m so cute!'”

“We have to be careful we don’t misinterpret what are actually important clues about their health and wellbeing,” she continued. “More often than not, behaviors that we label as ‘cute’ … are a clue to how they’re feeling in that moment. They might be hungry, but they may also have learned to enjoy the attention or food that you lavish on them when they do that particular ‘cute’ thing and simply want more of the same. But they might equally be signaling that you could be doing a lot more to better meet their needs.”

14. Whiling Away The Days

15. Apparently, Not All Cats Hate Bath Time!

16. Louis Has A Lazy Eye But I Think It Makes Him Even Cuter

We may perceive the cheeky or naughty cat behaviors as appealing, but in reality, they’re driven by a cat’s basic survival instincts, an illness, or side effects from medication, Dr. Lewis said. For example, when your beloved feline surfs your kitchen countertops for scraps, “she might have an artificially increased appetite from illnesses like an overactive thyroid, diabetes, or medications like steroids.”

Sometimes, their behavior is not even about the food at all: “They might simply need some attention, the chance to interact with you more and this is the first opportunity that day when you’ve been home and sat in one spot.” So if you assume they’re just acting cute, “you could be missing out on diagnosing and treating an illness, or be overlooking an opportunity to understand them better.”

17. This Is What Cat Engagement Photos Would Look Like.

18. Rainbow Kitty

19. Cozy Cat’s Family

Dr. Lewis wanted to remind you, dear readers, that cats don’t care what they look like, how “cute” we think they are, or how many social media followers that brings them. “They just want to stay in optimal health and have the freedom to enjoy a natural life with us without suffering from pain, illness, or frustration.”

20. Cats

21. I’m Floored Too, By How Cute This Is

22. Cat Photo Session

While it’s easy to get distracted by looking at their adorable appearances, we should keep in mind that many designer cats have extreme features that some people unfortunately find ‘cute’.

“Sadly, the uncomfortable truth that as a vet I see day in and day out, is that behind these very flattened, ‘grumpy’ faces, curled/folded ears, stunted legs, exotic-looking fur (or no fur at all!), or whatever look that influencers say is cool or ‘cute’, are the poor cats that are destined to suffer from a plethora of unnecessary debilitating, painful and life-limiting health conditions.”

23. My Little Black Void

24. The ‘Belp’ Battle

25. Cat Sends Love To Everyone

“By breeding or buying these cats, and even sharing or liking their antics on social media, people are unwittingly supporting their ongoing suffering. I’m all about promoting the concept that a cat’s health and happiness are more important than their perceived ‘cuteness’. That’s what cats need from us, and it’s what being a true cat lover is really all about,” Dr. Lewis concluded.

26. I Gathered You All Here Today-

27. When You’re Napping But You Also Have To Practice Your Ballet

28. An Exhausted Stray, Knowing She’s Found Home.

29. Socks The Cat Peers Over The Podium In The White House Briefing Room Saturday, March 19, 1994

30. Little Black Kitten Being The Best Thing Ever

31. Yummy Butter Chimken

32. Hi I’m A Cabbit

33. Kitty

34. When Dad Brings Out The Food 🍽

35. Her Back Toes Are Exact Opposites