What does renovation mean to you? Maybe changing lightbulbs. Getting new furniture. Or even painting your house with fresh paint colors. But for some people, renovation is a way of taking out their inner artist. 

With sheer dedication and intelligence, these people have converted a building into something it was never meant to be. Like a hotel into a hospital, a jail into a hotel, and a stone observatory into a home. 

Scroll down to see more. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite remakes and repurposed buildings from this list. 

Moved Here 4 Years Ago. Converted Victorian Church In England. Love This Room

The Building Used For The Swimming Events At The 2008 Summer Olympics In Beijing Was Transformed Into This Dope-Looking Waterpark

Stone Observatory Tower Converted To A Home

In Germany, There Is Waterpark Called Tropical Islands. It’s A Literal Tropical Island Built Inside An Old Blimp Hangar

Gas Station Greenhouse

My Gym Used To Be Part Of An Asylum Complex. The Pool Used To Be A Church And The Confession Booths Are Now A Sauna

Vienna Gasometers: Gas Storage Tanks First Built-In 1896 And Converted Into Mixed-Use Developments Between 1995 And 2001

Niccolò Paganini Auditorium, Parma, Italy, An Abandoned Sugar Factory Converted Into A Concert Hall By Renzo Piano In 1996

This Abandoned Church Was Purchased By Skaters And Renovated Into A Dream Park

My New Apartment Still Has The Original Molding From When It Was A Hotel Ballroom In 1923

Dublin: An 11th Century Viking Well And Stone Under A Local Shop

My House Turned 101 Today (Originally A 1920’s Corner Grocery)

These Two UK Phone Booths Have Been Repurposed

The Hospital I Work For Was Originally Designed To Be A Hotel

Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia, Designed In 2018 By Adjara Group And Located In An Old Printing House

My Town’s Library Is Under Construction, So They’re Using An Old Grocery Store As The Temporary Library

This Defunct Subway Entrance Is A Working Subway Entrance

The Grand Concourse Built In 1898. Once Train Station Is Now A Restaurant In Pittsburgh, PA

A Former Grain Silo In Oslo, Now Converted To Student Housing

This McDonald’s In New Zealand Has A Decommissioned Plane You Can Dine In

This Hotel Is An Old Prison

A Ship’s Bridge That Has Been Removed And Converted Into A House

Old Bank Was Transformed Into A Hotel, They Kept The Vault As A Meeting Room

Regional Coffee Chain Buys Gas Station, Uses Car Wash As Drive Through

In The UK, Redundant Telephone Boxes Are Being Repurposed As Public Defibrillators

Old Church Turned Into A 24/7 Pancake Restaurant

My Girlfriend’s Office Used To Be A Bowling Alley. The Original Lanes Are Still There

The Old Don Jail (1864) In Toronto Converted Into Offices For The Newly Built Hospital Beside It In 2013

This Hotel Is Built Out Of Train Cars

Old Silo In Söderköping, Sweden, Repurposed As Housing

These Apartments Used To Be A YMCA

McDonald’s In The Art Deco Former “United Kingdom Hotel”, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia

Old Church Converted Into A Gym

A Smartphone Repair Office Inside A Telephone Box North Of Holborn Station

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre: A Former Commodities Exchange With A 750-Seat Theatre ‘Pod’ Tucked Inside. The Theatre Opened In 1976