A great photo does not always need a good photographer to capture it. Some things happen instantly and you just can’t resist yourself to capture that moment. It can be you watching a place for the first time or experiencing something new. SO, here are some never seen before photographs that will show you a new side to this world.

A cat’s paw via a macro lens

Intersection in Timișoara, Romania

This is where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.

This old lady invites you to take a milk bath with her watching you.

Stingray — bottom view

A crab’s cub


A banana forgotten in a closet

“My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle.”

A forest with a perfect shape

This fish is called a “velvet belly lanternshark.”

“Rainbow Crystal Geode”

This is a rubbish dump of orphaned bicycles in China.

A football match during a severe blizzard

“I was shaking a box of toothpicks and they arranged themselves like this.”

Bobbed alpacas

“Can tab clothing”

Albino crocodile

The birth of a tornado

This grape looks like a pumpkin.

A forest in the shape of a guitar

What flexibility!

A boulder destroyed an Italian homestead.

Friendship between a boy and a stingray

Pregnant capsicum

You’d feel sorry throwing out this burned light bulb.

This nice lady stopped to ask the way.

A banana Christmas tree

“I took a photo of my daughter walking through a drainage tube, and the lighting created the effect of bad Photoshop.”

Doubled fangs of a kitten

Gigantic termitary

The cobweb looks like one from a cartoon.

Live leaves

This cat is warming up its bottom.

“Onward, steed!”