Laughter is the best medicine and here are some doctors who are trying their hard to make us laugh. With their hilarious sense of humor, they are all set to give us a good laugh. You can scroll down to have a look at these funny doctors. 

1. The dentist

Here is one dentist who knows how to greet people. As you can see, his outfit is quite unusual but he only did it to cheer up his little patients who might be scared of him at first.

2. The maternity ward

This is our kind of humor! This door’s label is not just an instruction; it is a wink to the encouragement doctors give women when they give birth. This is awesome.

3. The gynecologist

Doctors’ offices are usually luxurious and they feature great views. In this case, a great view is more of a downside due to the type of office. We hope they closed the blinds.

4. The truth

As you can see, this is one easy way to tell patients the truth. Vaccines are a must regardless of the fact there might be complications. It would be a lot worse without them.

5. The prosthesis doctor

Now, this is the kind of thing that we find to be both curious and hilarious. This doctor is worthy of respect because of his spirit but also because of his obviously cool personality.

6. The birth

One person happened to give birth exactly on Halloween night and they were able to find a doctor to deliver the baby. This is how the doctor came to deliver the child.

7. The sink

Here is how the sink on a fertility doctor’s office looks. Needless to say. The hilarious design was used for the sink in the “collection room” but we doubt it had a positive effect on the men who use it.

8. The playtime

Doctors don’t only have a great sense of humor but they are also great with kids. This medic decided to ease the hospital stay of this toddler and played with her. This is a cool thing to do.

9. The hip

When a person got his hip replaced, he talked his doctor into saving the old one. He later turned it into a cane and we think that this is a weird form of humor but we still like it.

10. The stool sample

We all know what that means but one doctor was probably happy with the idea of visualizing a great pun. This is an image someone took at that doctor’s office and we love it!

11. The patient

Here is one really curious moment that we are happy to see. One doctor noticed this patient’s resemblance to the wall poster figure, so the patient took a selfie to remember the moment.

12. The dentist’s office

Most people are afraid to sit in a dentist’s chair and this particular dentist decided to do something about it. As you can see, the mural on the ceiling can take the pressure off the patient.

13. The pen

When a person took his wife for an ultrasound, he saw something unusual. The doctor had the most curious pen we have seen in ages. This doctor must be a funny guy.

14. The selfie

One person went to the dentist to have his wisdom teeth pulled out. The doctor told him that he will take a selfie with him while the anesthesia lasted. This is an awesome result.

15. The signs

This is how a medic’s office looks like. He has all kinds of things as part of the décor but the best part is the desk sign that says “you will obey and wash your hands”

16. The vasectomy

We guess that some doctors have a rather dark sense of humor but we still appreciate it. This is the complimentary gift a patient received after their vasectomy.

17. The bracelet

Here is a really unusual gift. As you can see, this bracelet has an unusual message. It appears that this medic had a really fine sense of humor.

18. The paradox

It seems that this sign is highly relatable to many people out there, including us. We believe that this sign was put inside a doctor’s office for a reason and we love it.

19. The painting

This is the last thing one could expect after showing up for a colorectal examination. A patient noticed this funny painting and shared it for everyone to see.

20. The book

There isn’t a great variety of things a doctor could leave for his patients to read while sitting in the waiting room. This one, for example, is funny but kind of inappropriate, too.

21. The sign

Here is one doctor’s office with a twist. It has a funny sign outside that most people would surely accept as nothing but the truth. That show really was painful to watch.

22. The reminder

You know how doctors give their patients small receipts that serve as appointment reminders, right? Well, this dentist used that approach but added personal touch!

23. The TV

Here is one really nice thing someone saw at their doctor’s office waiting room. Instead of turning on the TV, this doctor decided to use it to encourage people to read instead.

24.The advertising piece

Great marketers always think outside the box and there is no other key to their success. This clinic obviously has managers who know a thing or two about marketing.

25. The conclusion

Here is one poster that is so witty we laughed when we saw it. The message is clear: it is all about age. Some people may actually be offended but the poster is still funny.

26. The dental office

Dental offices need advertisement because there is a lot of competition. This dentist obviously knew how to stand out from the rest and we love the idea!

27. The book

Here is one book that we would really love to see in person. The witty pun in its headline is probably just a hint about its contents. We guess that someone was also impressed after seeing it and they shared it online.

28. The announcement

If we had thought of the best announcement message for this door, it would have been nowhere near this witty sign. We guess that everyone who saw it laughed about it.

29. The service

We guess that medics need to introduce new technology in order to be competitive. This billboard announces a new service in a really clever and funny way! We love this kind of marketing.

30. The advice

Here is one unusual doctor’s prescription. You can see that it is very specific and it appears that it answers questions that would never be asked.

31. The award

Here is one image that a husband sent his wife. He saw this award at his doctor’s office and his wife is right to think he will be fine under his care.

32. The encouragement

There is a way for everything and one hospital director found a way to motivate the staff. She printed all of these images. Saying “I can’t even” is not possible anymore.

33. The waiting room

This is how one dentist welcomes all of his patients. You can see that he has a specific taste and maybe not everyone would like it but we love it.