A weekly round-up of secondhand embarrassment courtesy of r/facepalm


1. Oh Dear

2. This Person Drives?!

3. Yellowstone Should Train The Bears Better

4. Ugh. So Many Facepalms.

5. Nice Try, Bro

6. That’s Not What You Think It Is

7. Last Name, Genetic Code..Same Thing Right?

8. Please Don’t

9. Pound Signs And Floppy Disks, What Are They?

10. Double Down

11. Some Things Can’t Be Unseen

12. Catastrophic Facepalm

13. Without A…

14. Just “Decor”

15. Anatomy Refresher Needed

16. When Love Is A Car Accident

17. *Blends In With Spiderman Backpack*

18. *Cries In Hispanic*

19. That’s A Fun One To Grow Out

20. Oh Noooo

21. He Did What In His Cup?!

22. They Have A Point

23. They Aren’t Wrong…

24. We Live In A Society..

25. Confidently Incorrect

26. Oof, When You Pay Your Own Rent Though

27. Oof

28. Fellas, Is It Gay To Eat?

29. LORDT Gave Us The Jesus & Jesus

30. Because “Freedom”

31. THERE Seems To Be An Error Here

32. To Be Fair… Parent Anxiety Is Real