In a world of change, some things never change.

We know that time goes by really fast and we can’t trace it back. It changes everything on its way but sometimes some things never change. Here are some intriguing and pictures that were taken years apart and it shows some things never change.

1)  The same whale found after 35 years

2) “Same teddy bear, 30 years apart. One is mine, other is my newborn son’s.”

3) Two intriguing photos of the same street 115 years apart

4) These cans of Old Bay seasoning were made 25 years apart.

5) Shooting with the same camera 150 years apart

6) Me and my dad in the same place 24 years apart

7) It has been 20 Years but still using The Same Broom

8) The US coins 100 years apart

9) Each color maple syrup jar was obtained a week apart this year.

10) This couple from my hometown passed away exactly four years apart, on leap day.

11) 7 Years Cooking With The Same Spoon

12) Same Mountain, 20 Years Apart

13) MLB Game Balls, 30 Years Apart

14) This avocado tree growing on the side of a building. Pics were taken two and a half years apart.

15) Found By The Same Woman Two Years Apart

16) The Elizabeth Bvd., Bucharest, 80 years apart

17) Samy Grew His Hair Out

18) Old Dog, Same Mohawk

19) Two intriguing pictures of the same place taken 12 years apart

20) Brothers Are Identical 7 Years Apart

21)The California Bridge 2 Years Apart

22) These two knives of the same model purchased 21 years apart.

23) Same boots three years apart

24) After 2 Years They Drew The Same Tree

25) What Seven Years Do To Your Shoes

26) Two jars of seasoning, about 30 years apart in age, side by side in the pantry.

27) Fleetwood Mac 40 Years Apart

28) Pennies over time

29) Same Film Brand 10 Years Apart

30) Same Gloves, Four Years Apart

31) The Same Brand After 20 Years

32) Same Man, Same Place, 15 Years Apart