This is yet another post about dogs and how pur-fectly they fit into our lives. Every dog owner will relate to the mems that we have compiled for you today. These memes are going to make you remind of the hilarious moments that you spend with your furry buddy and instantly brighten up your day. So, if you are having a rough day, take a break and scroll down now.

1. When your life’s falling apart but you’re still trying to make sense of it…

2. Is such a thing even possible?

Beware, can steal your girlfriend.

3. Yeah, just like a new-born baby would start crying if you’d cry, over nothing.

Biggest Pay-ty animals.

4. How extra are you? Me:

Isn’t that the most adorable twinning?

5. You trying your best not to run into someone you know…

6. Embrace the madness!!!

Excitement level 1000000.

7. Now the party don’t start till the dog walks in…

8. ‘Hello sir, lately, I’ve been feeling kinda ruff..’

9. When someone tells me not to do something and I will anyways…

10. Only good boys club.

11. If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.

12. When you’ve been ignored for a long time…

13. Just trust the dog.

14. Ah, two cute little rebellions.

15. ‘You think you can hurt my feelings?’

16. No guy is worth it except this one…

17. The dog said ‘I want food’ not ‘be food’.

Hey, wassup?

18. We don’t really know what to do about this…

19. Can we just let dogs run the whole world?

20. When you miscalculate the consequences…

21. When you know you look good and somebody mentions it.

Did this dog already melt your heart?

22. The perfect job doesn’t ex-

23. No matter the hardships…

Let’s go on a walk?

24. ‘Something fun. Something less jobby, you know what I’m sayin’?’ Interviewer: Follow me, please.

25. OMG, that movie makes me cry too!

Are you kidding us? You haven’t seen the movie yet?

26. You already know wassup!!!

27. Also me when I’m hella confused in class and want to ask the teacher a question but don’t even know what to ask.

Does that even make sense.

28. I don’t always bark…just kidding, I do.

29. Yeah, you heard ’em.

30. Open that mouth!!!

You ain’t getting anything!

31. When they say ‘chase the rainbows’

Did you define rainbows?

32. ‘Hey, how do you keep your girl happy?’