Never judge a book by its cover.

There is a reason that everyone says it. But do you know why? It’s because no matter how strong something might look from outside, deep down it can be fragile. This thing is especially true in the case of dogs. How? Because dogs get scared of so many things very easily. By so many things, we don’t mean something that is actually scary but something that might not even harm them. Yes, you have read it absolutely right!

It really doesn’t matter which dog breed you have, your furry friend can get scared of things that are half of its size. And the funny thing is that sometimes those things are nothing to be afraid of. Anyway, we should not be too hard on them. After all, who is not afraid of vacuum cleaners and zucchinis?

Also, no matter how scared these pets are, they will soon be back to their shenanigans in no time. So keep an eye on them. 

#1 ‘Are you sure this is alright?’

“But I’m Scared” Rockys first flight.

#2 They are too scary for him.

Kittens are scary.

#3 ‘Why does that thing keep moving?’

“Roomba, the NOPE of the dog world.”

#4 ‘I’ll hide under this table.’

“My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten.”

#5 ‘I ain’t coming down till that mouse is gone.’

She saw a mouse.

#6 Yes, It’s only a toy mouse.

#7 ‘This is not the park!’

“You said we were going to the park. Liar!”

#8 ‘That thing is so loud!’

“Puppysitting this lil girl. She is scared of the lawnmower.”

#9 ‘It can’t reach me here.’

“My dog thinks this is the safest place when the vacuum is running.”

#10 You’re telling me, I’m older now?’

“My dog is horrified that it’s her birthday.”

#11 ‘Get me off of this deathly machine.’

“Arky wanted to ride with me on the tractor. After I started the engine, he got scared and wrapped his front arms around my neck and his back legs around my leg.”

#12 ‘What are they doing?’

“My cousin’s dog watching shark week.”

#13 ‘I will shower with you.’

“Scared by fireworks, our dog was really determined to stay next to Daddy.”

#14 ‘It kept moving.’

“My dog is terrified of crossing bridges.”

#15 ‘Why do you have to put the food so far away?

“He doesn’t like hardwood floors.”

#16 She apparently has social anxiety.

“She was afraid of the other dogs barking at the store, so she climbed on the bottom shelf and tried to hide.”

#17 Poor doggo is all soaking wet now.

“He was sleeping, when a car backfiring scared him, and he accidentally ran into the pool.”

#18 ‘This box will save me from everything.’

“Dog was too scared of the fireworks. No problem, this indestructible box will keep her safe. She is no longer scared.”

#19 ‘I am not getting out of the car.’

“She Is Afraid Of Rain. Even When It’s Only Drizzling, She Pretends That We’re Not At Our Destination Yet.”

#20 We clearly can’t see him now.

“Smoke detector low battery was chirping which scared the dog. This is how my special guy ‘hides’.”

#21 ‘Hallway has all the ghosts.’

“My puppy is scared of the hallway so anytime one of us goes to the bedroom she waits patiently.”

#22 The kitty probably has evil laser eyes.

#23 ‘What is that thing? Why is it so small?’

“My buddy’s dog meeting their new pup.”

#24 Even though those books can fall on him any time.

“Our little dog is scared of storms. But bookshelves are safety, apparently.”

#25 ‘What do I do now hooman?’

“My dog is afraid of vacuums. Came out of the shower and heard him whining.”

#26 Okay, That is just cruel.

“My dog is scared of my guitar. So I took advantage of his weakness and started eating on the back of my guitar so he won’t interrupt me.”

#27 This is true nightmare fuel right here.

#28 Who wouldn’t be scared of that zucchini?

#29 Did he put himself on a timeout?

#30 ‘No, I am not coming out.’

“Our dog is scared of thunderstorms. Took 20 minutes to find him.”

#31 ‘Put down that thing before you hurt yourself hooman.’

#32 ‘You have won for now but I will prevail in the war!’