So what’s your idea of a perfect roommate? Someone with whom you can live peacefully and who is always there to give you unconditional emotional support without judging, right? Unfortunately, the world where we live is not that good. It’s just that the people out there are only worried about themselves. And they are ready to pull you down anytime. 

But luckily, we are also blessed with something great. Can you guess it? Its dogs. These cute little furry angels are not just our best friend but they can also become our perfect roommate. Also, who wouldn’t want to have dogs around them because they are so loving? 

To show this thing, a talented artist Yaoyao has created illustrations of how cute and adorable dogs can illuminate our lives. Scroll down to check them out. 

1. Unconditional love

2. “We stay healthy together.”

3. “Hugs and kisses”

4. Makeshift shelter

5. “It’s too early!”

6. It can wait, our song just came on!

7. Morning stretches

8. Early autumn chills

9. “Our idea of fun”

10. Dinnertime all the time

11. Kisses on the go

12. Rain or shine

13. Humming strumming kisses

14. “Caught you!”

15. The last days of summer

16. Warmest welcome after a tough day

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17. Time to play!

18. “There are rainbows everywhere!”

19. Simple pleasures

20. “Halloween preparations”

21. “Aren’t you going to share it with me?”

22. “Unexpected phone call”

23. I know you’re awake!

24. Pick me up, mama!

25. “Discovering the world together”

26. It’s going to be ok, mama!

27. My favorite way to work

28. Cool crisp morning

29. Morning struggles

30. Somewhere only we know

31. “And now there’s 3 of us.”


The artist and the inspiration for her work: Parker, her adorable little dog!