Ladies, have you ever been to a salon and asked the staff to do something with your looks that can make you look better? If yes, we feel you. And it’s not just us, but every woman out there can perfectly understand this thing. After all, we want a change but have no idea what kind of change. Hey, it’s not our fault.

And this is where Moscow-based makeup artist Oksana Trunova and hairstylist Olga Tarasova have got inspiration from. They have started giving “blind makeovers” a couple of years ago and now, it has become a huge success. If you want to see their jaw-dropping ‘freestyle’ makeovers, keep scrolling. 

P.S. You will love the results. 

We talked with Oksana to know more about this freestyle makeover. She said, “it’s like a hobby to me, my favorite thing without which I could never imagine myself.”

“We take into account the participant’s lifestyle, age, personality.” In this way, Oksana said, “we are no longer simply stylists,” they become “psychologists.”