Sometimes it feels like we don’t deserve dogs at all. Why, you might think? It’s because these cuties are so pure, they are so sweet, and they love us unconditionally. They always stay by our side no matter what happens. And this is what makes them even more special. 

These little warriors always fight for us to make us feel better and sometimes, they also save our lives. That’s right! There are a few fur babies, who have actually saved the lives of their humans. We know they are super courageous and they deserve all the appreciation. That is why we have given them a spot in this post. 

If you also want to see these super fur babies who are making us proud, keep scrolling. 

Such a brave little soul.

This one is definitely the best picture on the internet today.

Now, that’s a great gesture. Our faith in humanity has been restored.

Happy tears run down our faces.

“Hi!! I like you. Do you like me? Quick, pet me!”

Seems like those two have bonded well.

Stanley is a good boy.

“Let the sunshine on my fur.”

This dog is more motivated to lose weight than most of us. Good job buddy!

Such a gem!

Looks like Hig likes to get attention.

No matter how old we get, the desire to get a dog remains constant.

“I love you, you love me, we are a happy family.”

“Hello, ladies! Mind if I join in?”

Dobby is a total cutiepie!

Next thing you know, all the girls standing in a line to meet the pupper.

Aww, that’s so heart-warming!

He sure does know how to get what he wants. Tank’s a spoiled little baby!

Looks like the dog approves.

Nothing like a reunion hug.

Dogs can sense sadness. Such good kids they are.

Missed the concert for good. This doggo is so handsome.

Remember that you’re the chosen one.

That’s trouble just waiting to happen, right there. Adorable, fluffy trouble.

That’s what best friends are for.

She’s gorgeous!

Those two look so goofy. We bet they have a lot of fun together!

This pupper is an artist in the making.

A refreshing treat!

She’s playing her part in saving the mother earth.