Even if you think that nothing good can happen to you as your current situation is terrible, we just want you to see this post till the end. Here, we have collected 30 wholesome pictures that will make you understand that things are not as bad as we assume them. 

No matter what happens or no matter how terrible the world looks like, there is something great waiting for you. And all you have to do is have patience and wait for it. 

Scroll down to see the beautiful pictures of people who are here to make your day. 

#1 I Met This Kid At An Orphanage In Tanzania A Few Years Ago And Told Him That If He Studied Hard, I’d Pay For His School To Help Him Towards His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

He just got into medical school. I don’t have kids but I’m proud like a mother hen.

#2 I Overcame My Depression And Went For A Hike. It’s The Small Things

#3 2500 Mile Flight, 2 Hour Drive, 6 Hour Hike, And My Wife Is At Rest

We got to know each other on a backpacking trip there, and I proposed in the same mountains a year later.

#4 My Daughter Finished Chemotherapy Today

#5 Sister And Unsung Brotherhood

#6 I Was A Homeless Heroin Addict For 3 Years. Monday, I Begin My Career As Coordinator Of A Homeless Shelter

#7 4-Year-Old In Virginia Today Went Outside To Play Then Came Back To The Front Door With A New Friend

#8 Hadn’t Seen Each Other Since Daycare Closed, Parents Arranged A Playdate. When It Was Time To Leave:

#9 I Won Second Place For My Painting! I’m Very Excited So Hope You Guys Don’t Mind My Sharing

#10 A UPS Driver Delivered Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns And The Holiday Season. This Week, Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero’s Salute

#11 Villagers In India Made Giant Sweaters To Keep Rescued Elephants Warm

#12 You Can Never Know What’s Going On Inside Someone’s Head

#13 My 8-Year-Old Is Painting Pet Portraits To Raise Money For The Animal Shelter

#14 I Decided To Finally Go Vaccinated Behind My Anti-Vax Parent’s Back

#15 My 90-Year-Old Nana And Her 23-Year-Old Cat Love Sending Me Goodnight Selfies

#16 Handsome Dog Photoshoot

#17 I Came Out When I Was 14 (Now 35) And To Say My Parents Weren’t Thrilled Is A Complete Understatement. But Last Night, 21 Years Later, I Saw This Little Ornament On Their Tree

I really can’t believe how far they’ve both come as humans.

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#18 Nike Surprises Justin Gallegos With A Contract. Justin Is Their First Professional Athlete With Cerebral Palsy

#19 Bought Something For Our Dog On Chewy, But He Died Before It Got Here. Not Only Did They Refund Us The Money, But Also They Sent Us Flowers That Were The Color Of His Fur

They also said to keep it and donate it to a local shelter in his name.

#20 That’s Why Dogs Are Human’s Best Friends

#21 Best Way To End Year. My Lil Dude Is Officially My Son

#22 I’ve Hosted A Friend Since November Due To Her Depression. Today She Made Her Bed For The First Time. She’s At The Store Right Now

#23 Long Lost Siblings

#24 The CEO Of My Company Doing The Dishes After Buying Everyone Lunch. This Is Why I Love My Job

#25 10-Hour Shifts 6 Days A Week In 100 Degree Florida Heat Wearing Face Masks, If We Can Do It So Can You

#26 My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds

#27 Stray Doggo Interrupts Street Performance In Turkey To Help The Actor Who Was Pretending To Be Hurt. What A Pure Heart

#28 My Father Said He Started Leaving Food Out As I Do, I Visited Him Today And Saw This

#29 12 Years Ago I Was Homeless. Today I’m A Homeowner

#30 This Post My Mom Made On My Birthday A Few Years Ago Still Makes Me Cry