Most of us never really liked cartography classes. After all, they were boring.

These classes were so boring that it would make us take a quick power nap. And while we napped, we would dream of the romantic message we have received from our crush. Eating our favorite dishes. Playing with friends. And everything else that could make us happy. 

But it seems like cartography was not as dull as the school has shown it to us. Wondering why are we saying so? It’s because an online community on Reddit is asking people to share unusual charts of geographic areas that they have seen. The results really surprised us. Scroll down to have a look.

An Image Of GPS Tracking Of Multiple Wolves In Six Different Packs Around Voyageurs National Park Shows How Much The Wolf Packs Avoid Each Other’s Range

To Increase Local Tourism, Lithuania Has Made A Map With Magnets That You Can Only Find In Corresponding Cities

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Cheese Map Of Europe

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A Europe–U.S. Superhighway Proposed By The Former President Of Russian Railways

The Surface Of Mars: If, Like Earth, 71% Of Its Surface Area Was Covered With Water

World’s Smallest Country vs. Largest Building

he Decline Of Our Native Tongue Over The Last 2 Centuries, I Find The Maps Rather Than The Reciting Of Statistics, Gives A Far Better Impression On The Overall Erosion Of One Of The Biggest Aspects Of Our Culture, Irish Itself

Worlds CO Emissions

Locations Johnny Cash Claims To Have Been In “Ive Been Everywhere”

The Countries That Got Tea Via China Through The Silk Road (Land) Referred To It In Various Forms Of The Word “Cha”. On The Other Hand, The Countries That Traded With China Via Sea – Through The Min Tan Port Called It In Different Forms Of “Te”

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