The “wonderful online community” on Reddit has been asking people to share artistic and most intriguing maps of places that they have seen. Once you have seen these maps, you might start seeing the world from a different perspective. And if you want, even you can become one of the members of this community. 

Till then, you can scroll down and see these beautiful maps. To know more about this community, we even reached out to the subreddit, Patrick McGranaghan, the founder of this community.

This Is My Wedding Gift To My Wife. We Get Married Next Sunday. I Used A Woodburning Kit To Burn A Map Of All The States We Have Visited As A Couple. We Both Love To Travel And Backpack Do I Want To To Keep Adding To It As We Get Older

Occupied Bald Eagle Nests In Wisconsin. 1974 vs. 2019. Growth Credited To The Clean Water Act

USA Drawn In 3 Lines. Boundaries Marked With Gaps (The Best I Could)

“I developed my passion for maps very early. My family traveled and moved around a lot. My dad taught me how to read maps and I would help him navigate. I used to flip through our Rand McNally atlas to pass hours traveling across the countryside. Maps are invitations to explore and visit new places. They give security in the knowledge that there’s a way to get to your destination. If all else fails, a map will be your guide,” Patrick shared how he first became acquainted with maps and how his passion grew. It hits close to home.

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Patrick also reminisced about the moment he came up with the idea for the subreddit, back when he was living in a small flat in Taipei, in Taiwan. “I knew that I had a good idea and it felt almost electric. Like a fork in the road and your destiny is changing. When I moved back to the states I was able to find a career-making map (as a land surveyor) and I am grateful every day that I can do something that I love.”

The World Of Infrastructure

United Kingdom

Light Blue Is A Map As We Know It And Dark Blue Is The Actual Size Of Each Country

“It is not that they are bad, it’s just that they don’t know that they can make their maps so much better. I’m talking about things like fonts and information boxes, detail and vicinity maps, adding gradients to water features, thoughtful color choices, shadows behind place markers. The subtleties are what make maps exquisite,” he detailed.

A Map Of Finland’s Bear Population, Made Up Of Bears

To Combat The Threat Of Desertification Of The Sahel (The Region Immediately To The South Of The Sahara), The African Union Is Leading An Initiative To Plant The Great Green Wall, A 7,775 Km (4,830 Mi) Belt Of Trees Crossing The Entire Breadth Of North Africa

Just Walked In The Room And Found My 6 Year Old Drawing Countries By Hand

“The best way to learn how to do these things is to look at lots maps and see how other cartographers solve these problems. Imitate the masters. Read a few books on cartography and design. Some of the books that influenced me are ‘Info We Trust’ by RJ Andrews‘Cartography’ by Kenneth Field, and ‘Things Maps Don’t Tell Us’ by Armin Lobeck. If you can integrate the ideas in these books you’ll be a league above the average amateur cartographer.”

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The map I Made Out Of Pressed Flowers!

Wolf Distribution In Italy From 1900 To 2020

This Is Awesome

Indo-European Language Family Tree

The United States Of America: Alaskan Perspective

I Made A Retro Pixel Map Of The USA! Tried To Include Some Of The Iconic Monuments/Locations That Resonated With Me

The Topography Of Italy

Euler Diagram-Map Of The British Isles

A Neat Little Map Guide

What The Netherlands Would Naturally Look Like If They Hadn’t Built Any Dikes To Prevent Flooding

If You Flew In A Straight Line From Mcallen, Texas To Bangkok, Thailand, You Would Only Spend About 50 Miles Over Water

“One of my favorite interactions is when a map is posted of an obscure place and someone in the comments says they live there or has a story about that place,” he said.

“Maps are a way to visualize the world in a way that is easy to grasp. They are an aid in learning about new lands and faraway places. They help us find our way when we are lost,” Patrick pointed out, adding that during the pandemic they can be great ways for us to travel while staying at home.

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Map Of The 2191 Meter Deep Krubera Cave. The Deepest Known Cave System In The World

The Oldest Universities In Continuous Operation

Where Flamingos Are Found Naturally In The World

Olympus Mons On Mars, The Largest Volcano In Our Solar System, Compared To Arizona

Relief Map Of Baltic And Scandinavia

The True Size Of New Guinea

The Shire – English Counties Ending In ‘Shire’

Satellite Map Of Vatican City

Europe Seen From Russia (Made In The 1950s)