The my colleague Jonas covered a subreddit that he called ‘Just Eff My Crap Up’, is a fun community that covers up the worth hairstyle that people can possibly have. It has almost everyone on its list from politicians, celebrities, and regular people. You will be surprised to see the younger version of Donald Trump with a very bad haircut. Scroll down to see the worst haircuts we have collected for you.

#1 What Is Even Going On?!

#2 When Your Company Says No Facial Hair…

#3 He Looks Like A Disney Villain

#4 The Brexit; When Your Barber Is European

#5 No Let’s Talk About The Hair

#6 A Small Tribute To The Professional Soccer Fraternity For Consistently ‘Winning” Over The Years. Here Are Some Of My Favorites

#7 What In The Name Of Good God, Hopefully Not A Repost

#8 Give Me The Reverse Dad

#9 I Went To Bed With Wet Hair, And Woke Up Needing To Speak With The Manager

#10 Now This Is Cursed

#11 Extreme Karen ‘Do

#12 Irresistible

#13 Professor At My University Rocking The Bold Two-Tuft Hairline Look

#14 Peacock Karen- Lvl 90 Boss

#15 An Old Donald Trump Jr. Yearbook Photo

#16 Just Share With Your Loved Ones

#17 Fantastic Sam’s Circa 1991…

#18 What In God’s Name Is This

#19 Granted, It Was On A Programme About Conspiracies But Still

#20 Rat Tail In Front?

#21 Flying Saucers Of The 1980s

#22 Stockbroker In The Front, Influencer In The Back

#23 DIY Ski Mask

#24 Certified Texan Moment

#25 I’d Rather Go To Jail

#26 This Dude Is Running For Schoolboard In My Town. Got A Flyer In The Mail With This Pic And Almost Spit My Drink Out

#27 Borrowed. Definitely Belongs Here Tho

#28 I ,too, Have Crossed Paths With The Magical Mullet…..spotted In Panama City Beach

#29 When You Ask For A Line But The Barber Gives You An Entire Highway

#30 Hair For A Happy New Year’s Eve!