Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is a cosplayer from Bangkok, Thailand, who is also known as the Low-Cost Cosplay guy. He is known for making costumes that are both cheap and creative. In 2013, he made a Facebook account called Lowcost Cosplay so that he could tell the online community about his “cool” products. Since his first try in 2013, when he tried to make a low-budget version of Dragon Ball’s Piccolo, he has been successful at making people laugh and smile. Because of this, he has kept working right up until the present day. Also, more than 6.6 million people follow him on Facebook as of right now. People called him the “god of cheap cosplay” because of how creative and funny his low-cost cosplays were.

The amount of work and creativity that went into the cosplay is amazing. But cosplay is an expensive hobby, so people who want to do it need to have a lot of money. It takes a huge amount of skill and the same kinds of materials that go into making costumes. You need to think about a lot of different things, like the costume, the wig, the shoes, the props, and even specialized makeup supplies, and those are just some of them!

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If you want to get into cosplay but don’t have a lot of money, don’t worry. All you have to do is follow this guy on social media, and he’ll give you a lot of ideas. The man never seems to be satisfied, and he always comes up with new and amazingly creative cosplays that will make you drop your jaw with their simplicity and creativity. He also seems to never be happy. No matter who you want to look like, from Buzz Lightyear to Neymar Jr., Anucha can do it all with just kitchen items. Here are 30 photos that show his work. Scroll down and take a look.


Slam Dunk






One-Punch Man


011 (IYKYK)


Buzz Lightyear


Internet Explorer


Louis Vuitton










By the way…




Colored pencil










Anya Forger






Scarlet Witch




Nico Robin


RoV x N e z u k o


Dr. Strange