Have you ever thought about what it’s like to live with a pet? Have you ever thought about what your mornings would be like if you have a dog, cat, or some other animal living with you? Well, if you have never thought about it, it’s high time that you do. 

Living with pets is one of the best things because you get to wake up to the sights that you have never imagined. Like a cat carrying a lizard in its mouth or a dog waiting patiently for you to wake up so that you can feed him. 

There are more such images that will melt your heart and make you laugh. Scroll down to have a look. 

Woke up to find that my cat had lost a battle against a rather determined gecko.

Woke up to find my dog like this..

Husband took a nap and woke up to retired service dog Dorian making sure he’s okay.

Woke up to my fat cat opening cupboards all the way in to… clean himself in it.

My dog’s barking woke me up and I found her stuck, too embarrassed to look at me in the eye.

After a cold night, woke up to this.

Dropped my suit on the floor. Woke up to this.

My dog, patiently waiting for me to wake up for breakfast.

My cat singing the song of his people in the middle of the night.

Woke up to the lovely sight of this beautiful family.

There was a noise downstairs that woke me up.

Dog slept in girlfriend’s spot after she leaves for work, so I woke up to this.

Woke up to the parrot screaming ‘help me, help me’ like when he’s got his foot tangled in a toy. Was not expecting this.

My longhair cat often covers his hairball with anything he can find and this morning, he did this.

What I saw the moment I opened my eyes this morning.

Waking up to a face.

She waited next for us to wake up next to our pillow.

Looks like a bird was massacred in here.

Woke up hungover on the floor and saw her staying by my side all night.

Waking up to my dog knocking on the door.

A friend walked into her dining room after waking up to this.

Always waking up to this now that my girlfriend’s cat is living with us.

Jack always greets me like this every morning.

Just a normal cat, nothing to see.

My dog is not allowed on the bed, so he keeps his hind legs on the floor.

Nothing like waking up to your cat trying to kill you.

I feel like there should be modeling agencies for cats after waking up to him like this next to me.

I had to look twice when I woke up.

Woke up to this. We don’t have a cat.

My lizard staring at me in the morning like this.