The folks over on r/DumsterDiving are sharing their intriguing finds, and we’ve collected some of their most interesting photos to share with you. Not only are the pics the perfect metaphor for the fact that Lady Luck can smile on you at any moment, but they’re also a reminder to protect the environment. After all, why buy something new when you can reuse a perfectly good item?

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#1 Found This Rascal Next To A Dumpster, She Made A Great Addition To The Family And Is By Far My Best Dumpster Diving Haul

#2 Tonight’s Find

#3 I Found Her Dumpster Diving This Morning I Was Able To Find Homes For Her Two Sisters But Nobody Wanted Her. Looks Like Now I Have A Cat

According to The World Bank, the world generates a whopping 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste each year. Around a third of that isn’t dealt with in an environmentally safe manner. High-income countries might account for 16 percent of the global population, but they generate 34 percent of the total waste.

Globally, each person creates anywhere from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms of waste each day, depending on where they live. The situation is bound to get worse as the world’s population increases and more nations become developed. By the year 2050, the amount of global waste is set to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes.

#4 Found In The Alley. It Weighed A Million Tons, Because Those Pillars Are Real Marble

#5 Last Summer I Found 2 China Teacups, And Last Night I Found The Matching Saucers In A Different City!

#6 When Out To Dumpsterdive And Play Pokémon Go Last Night, And Found This Little Cutie. Took Her In And Posted About Her On “Lost Pets” On Facebook. After She Had Been Missing For 2 Weeks, She Finally Got Back Home To Her Parents And She Was Only 3 Months Old

One of the biggest problems contributing to climate change and pollution is the massive production of single-use plastics and packaging. If products were built to be used and reused, we’d be in a far better position to deal with the climate crisis.

Greenpeace explained to Bored Panda that it’s mainly corporations that bear the biggest responsibility for changing how plastic is used and produced globally. The role of individuals is still important, however, it’s important not to lose sight of the big picture and where the biggest impact could be made.

#7 Husband: “Honey It’s Just An Empty Case, I Am Not Climbing In For That.” Wife (Me): “Just Get In And Get It The Case Might Be Worth Something, Plus I Have A Feeling.” Who Was Right? Well It Was The Wife Of Course

#8 Found This 1934 First Edition Mary Poppins In The Trash Of The Building I Work In

#9 We Are Such A Wasteful Society, This Was Found In One Cee-Vee-Ess Dumpster

“Though it’s important for individuals to take part in the reuse revolution movement and do their best to reduce their plastic footprints, the responsibility lies on the multinationals that produce single-use plastic packaging in the first place,” a Greenpeace representative told Bored Panda.

“One of the big challenges we are faced with is the corporation’s addiction to single-use plastic and their relationship with the fossil fuel industry. As global demand for oil declines, the fossil fuel industry is doubling down on plastic, the new frontier for petrochemical production.”

#10 Meet Our Special Find From Last Night! She Was Dumpster Diving Too

#11 I Found This Ring In The Dumpster On Monday! Had It Appraised Yesterday And Found Out It’s A Handmade Gold Ring From The 60s-70s! It’s 14k Gold Band Is Worth $200+ (Stone Is Glass). I Also Found Those Tiny Hands With It Haha

#12 Saved From The Landfill This Weekend!

Greenpeace claims that big corporations are working hand-in-hand with the fossil fuel industry while putting up an eco-friendly front.

“While big brands like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Pepsi claim they are addressing the plastic pollution crisis, they are working hand-in-hand with the fossil fuel industry and making even more plastic,” the rep said.

“As it stands, plastic production could double within the next 10-15 years, and triple by 2050. This is alarming, especially if we are to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees. Plastic is an important part of moving away from fossil fuels, combating climate change, and protecting communities.”

#13 Thought Someone Was Throwing Away An Old Violin. Nope, It’s Roulette!

#14 Our First Time Diving Last Night. Only One Find, But We Were Thrilled! (She Hasn’t Stopped Guarding It)

#15 Found This Beauty In A Jewelry Box Mixed In With A Bunch Of Fake Jewelry. 14k Yellow Gold, With A 1k Tanzanite Gem In The Middle, Surrounded By 23 Genuine Baguette Diamonds. Having It Appraised In 2 Days

#16 Don’t Know What I’m Going To Do With It, But Couldn’t See This Be Ruined

#17 It’s Amazing What People Will Throw Away. Late 1960s Schwinn ‘Fair Lady’ Cruiser. My Wife Needed A Bike And Absolutely Loves It!

#18 Got This Side Table From The Curb. It’s Top Was Broken, So I Spend A Little Over 3 Hours And €4 Worth Of Rope And Glue To Upcycle It To This!

#19 Thought You Guys Might Like My Fav Trash Pick Ever: Made My Dad Drive 25 Mins One Way In His Truck In Spitting Rain While I Sat With It To Make Sure No One Else Took It Has The Original Record Player Inside Also. I Know It’s Not Everyone’s Style But It’s Like It Was Meant To Be In My 50’s Ranch!

#20 Drove Around Picking Up Pallets People No Longer Wanted And Made Myself A Headboard Out Of Them

#21 My Dad Pulled This Gigantic Canvas Out Of The Dumpster At The School He Works At, I Taped The One Tear It Had, Covered It In Black Gesso And Painted This

#22 Tenants In My Apartment Complex Got Evicted. Left This In The Dumpster. Just Needs To Be Cleaned Up A Little

#23 I Just Don’t Know How You Throw These Away. Too Cool

#24 Little Haul Feed My Kids For Bit .. Hard Times This Blessing Helps Alot

#25 Why Would Someone Throw This Away??

#26 Took The Back Way Home This Evening And Stumbled Upon This Beauty. The Boyfriend Has Been Shopping Around For A Gaming Chair, Too!

#27 Rescued From A 3 Letter Pharmacy Dumpster And Headed For Donation To A Clothing Charity Run By A Local Church

#28 Found Two Gift Cards In The Dumpster Of The Local Thrift Shop. I Just Checked The Balance On Them, And Each One Has $100 On It

#29 $175 Watch Was Damaged Out For Having A Broken Clasp. Took It To The Watch Repair Kiosk At The Mall And He Said It Wasn’t Broken, They Just Didn’t Know How To Work The Self Adjusting Clasp

#30 I’ve Always Wanted A Signed Book By This Author. Never Thought I’d Find It In A Dumpster