When somebody tries to poke their nose in your business, you certainly get offended by their behaviour. People are curious to know about what’s up with your life. But when the same curiousness is shown by your dog, you simply fail to tell them to stop poking their nose. Dogs are curious creatures, and if you have a pet at home, you would know it better. They have this different energy when you are trying to do something. They even follow you in the bathroom wondering what are you up to. So, here are some pictures that would show you that you have to simply accept the curiosity of your pet and let them poke their nose in your life.

#1 Four Borzoi Dogs Adorably Peek Their Big Noses Out Of Curtained Window One At A Time

#2 My Neighbor’s Dog Peeking Through The Fence To Say Hello

#3 Dog Thinks “Is This For Real?”

#4 He Thinks I Can’t See Him

#5 When Gates Have Eyes. And Wet Noses

#6 My Dog’s Best Friend Peeked Through The Bush

#7 Oh Lawd He Peeping

#8 Air Doggo

#9 Peeping Over The Fence

#10 My Neighbor’s Husky Likes To Use The Cat Door To See What’s Going On In The Garage

#11 I Told Him To Stop Begging And Go Away While I’m Eating. 30 Seconds Later I Look Down To See This

#12 Neighbors Adopted A Dog, So My Dad Cut Holes In The Fence

#13 That’s A Lot Of Snow

#14 Making Dinner And Notice Someone Spying

#15 Every Morning She Watches Me Leave For Work And It Breaks My Heart

#16 I Think My Pooch Might Belong Here

#17 I Consider This A Peeping Pooch

#18 Sometimes You Just Know You’re Being Watched

#19 Airplane Peeper

#20 Peeping Through The Cat Hole

#21 Ted Wanted French Fries At The Bar

#22 Ever Get That Feeling That You’re Being Watched? Clever Boye Using The Mirror To Watch Me While I Work

#23 Don’t Mind Me Fren, Just Doin Me A Peek

#24 Our Neighbor’s Dogs Have Dug Themselves A Hole Under Our Fence So That They Can Watch Our Dogs

#25 My Neighbor Has A Hole In His Fence

#26 Took A Picture Of My New Deck, Then I Noticed A Spy

#27 My Friend Made Holes In His Gate So Gus The Labrador Can See And Sniff

#28 My Dog, Spying On My Cat

#29 So My Neighbor Has Been Building A New Fence. I Suggested A Window For His Dog Jack Who Likes To Say Hi To Us Everyday Through A Current Missing Board. Woke Up To This Today

#30 I Have Some Nosey Neighbors

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