Have you ever heard about ephemeral art? It’s an art that is created on the streets. This art is composed entirely of charcoal, chalk, and random things found on the streets. David Zinn is a  popular artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan and he is known for this form of art. 

You will be surprised to know that Zinn has been drawing since 1987, making various quirky chalk-and-charcoal creatures. We know you are pretty excited to see his work. You can scroll down to have a look. 

The artist says “the honest truth about my art is that I am inspired by the absence of perfection as a possibility: between the irregularities of the stained concrete and the limited hours of available daylight outdoors, perfection is blessedly not an option. Instead, there is just the lunatic joy of finding the most satisfying option that exists within those limitations.”