With things going out of our hands this year, we have got no hope that for a minute or two we can put them in order. This year was such a big mess that none of us could imagine that something so disturbing could ever happen. We hope, that just for a few minutes things could be in order and life could get back to normal. Thanks to this subreddit named r/PerfectFit/ for bringing some post which has perfection in them.

The subreddit is all about things that fit perfectly with each other. Scroll down to take a look.

#1 The Sunset’s Light

#2 I Picture I Took Of The London Eye Through The Window On A Boat On The Thames

#3 The Shadow On The Walkway…

#4 Just Some Dam Sexy Work

#5 Belongs Here I Thought

#6 Poppop Is Super Excited To Share His Box Wrapping Seam

#7 My Wife Was Wearing The Right Jacket At The Right Time. Pleasanton Ridge, Ca

#8 This Image

#9 These Shoes

#9 These Shoes

#10 5000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle On My Dining Table. Corner To Corner And Edge To Edge

#11 Loading Like This Takes Skill, Vision, And Teamwork In The Moving World. Mad Respect To Those That Take Pride In Their Work

#12 My Window Blinds Cast Lines At The Same Degree As My Handrail

#13 My Friend In This Rock Wall Nook

#14 Had A Pair Of Prescription Lenses Which Fit Perfectly In My Mask. I Could See All The Fishies Clearly!

#15 Finally, A Hotel That Understands

#16 God Has Chosen This Vehicle

#17 My Wife’s Wedding Ring Inside Of Mine

#18 He Is Equally As Excited As I Am

#19 Someone On My Yard Sale Group Bought This Sarcophagus Without Measuring And Found Themselves With A Perfect Fit

#20 Calcifers Mask

#21 What Do You Say About This

#22 Some Covid Art I Did

#23 The Shelves In This Store

#24 I Don’t Know Does It Fit Here

#25 Bought This Storage Box For Our Seat Cushions Thinking It Was More Than Big Enough, This Is Every Cushion

#26 I Washed My Linens And Rugs, It Took Me A While To Find My Missing Bath Rug

#27 ‘Let It Snow’ Wrapping Paper

#28 Perfeclty Aligned

#29 Soda Can In Railing

#30 How This Bath Mat Lines Up With The Tiles