Knowingly or unknowingly we all have to admit that we all anticipate what the future would look like. People in the past also made some prediction about what the future would appear to be. Here is a list of things that they imagined, while some have turned out to be true and some are still a vague imagination.

#1 An Artists Depiction Of The Future, Painted In 1930

#2 A Fifties Navigation System. Don’t Know Who Imagined This But I Love It!

#3 1940s Vision Of Food Delivery Future

According to Lisa, “they seem to have been particularly good at extrapolating from all the exciting new communications technologies of the time—telephones, radios, film, and TV—to imagine a range of new communications technologies much like we have now that allow us to talk to anyone from anywhere (#1 and 11), navigate our cars with ease (#2), get breaking news on our screens (#5), and even shop from home (#18 is shockingly on the mark).”

#4 We Really Messed Up

#5 Television Newspaper – Some Day You May Be Able To Receive The Front Page Of Your Morning Newspaper This Way

#6 Self Driving Cars Of The Future, Circa 1960

#7 2022

#8 ‘ship’s Cat’ By Keith Spangle

#9 The Future Of Phones, 1956

#10 1970s Futuristic Concept For Jetliner Air Travel

#11 James Bond Receives A “Text” Via His Smartwatch In The Spy Who Loved Me

#12 1969 Japanese Vision Of The Future Classroom, The Odd Part Is That Included Small Robots To Rap Students On The Head When Misbehaving


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#13 VR In 1989

#14 Artoo Deco

#15 How Nasa Imagined Life In Space

#16 Fashions Of 1950, As Predicted On The Cover Of Life Magazine In 1914

#17 Home Shopping In The 1940s

#18 Futuristic Road Trip With The Family (Bruce Mccall)

#19 1981 Vision Of Suburbia After There’s No More Room Left For Suburbs

#20 Soviet Vision Of The Future In The 1930s

#21 The Future We Were Promised

#22 Futuristic Netherlands, Drawn In 1970

#23 The 2020 Olympics…not 100% Accurate

#24 City Of The Future As Imagined In 1908

#25 1984 Smart Watch

#26 Monsanto House Of The Future 1957

#27 This Was An Actual Space Suit Grumman Aircraft Corp Tried To Sell Nasa In 1962

#28 Worst Space Suit Design Ever?

#29 Teen-Agers Of The 21st Century

#30 Nuke-Proof Underground City Below Manhattan, 1969 (Oscar Newman)