You might remember Ben from the famous T.V. sitcom Friends. He has again come into the public eye for his role in Riverdale.

Besides being a good actor, this guy also has an excellent sense of humor. And his tweets prove this thing.

Scroll down to have a look.


He’s Sometimes Gets Burned

‘They Know About Us’

Brotherly Love


‘Dead On The Inside’


‘I Wouldn’t Know’

He’s Very Protective

He’s A Winner

Bonds Of Brotherhood

Longterm Goals

‘Origin Story’

He’s Book Smart

‘You Are What You Eat’

Music Fan

One Day…

Behind The Scenes

Perfect Ending

He Is Honest About His Relationship


Target Audience

‘Just Sexy Ones’


The Important Issues

He Has A Morning Routine

Thoughts On Fashion

‘Check Out My Music’

He’s Into Nature

He Asks The Important Questions