Do yu remember the first beanchers from your school who had this extra spunk to do everything. Similarly, there are those who are workaholics, and have nothing else to do in life. But for other people there is a lot more than just their job that pays them.

It sounds weird, but but people don’t really take real life challenges difficult to handle. But the actual struggles is where small things seep into your daily routine and becomes a practice that you are addicted to. Like job to your job to earn bread and butter is a habit which you have adapted, but ask yourself, do you really enjoy it?

Work-life balance has become a popular term, and many times people have spoken on this topic to bring awareness. Sooner or later, people have realized that they do not have a work-life balance, and that it is even harder to achieve it. They feel that the systems that they are a part of is designed in a way, that it screws-human capital. Gradually, people will get frustrated, but still won’t have anywhere to go. Irrespective, they’ll have to adjust to the system that has been consistent for years.

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To know more about the idea of work-life balance, we reached out career and business coach Ben Fitzgerald “I used to use alcohol, junk food, television, video games – whatever I could to avoid facing the fact that I was an unhappy employee who felt caught in a rat race,” he told Hiptoro.

“I thought a lot about work-life balance back then. In reality, I had tons of time to myself and the real reason I felt worn out was that I was faking enthusiasm for the work I was doing. The performance of it all was exhausting.”

“If you feel like you need more work-life balance and you’re not putting in 10+ hours a day, it might be a sign you need to take responsibility for defining what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, and then make significant changes to how you spend your time,” Fitzgerald explained.

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