Clicking a perfect picture is all about timing. If your timing is right, you would get that amazing shot you want. Of course, a perfect picture is also about editing and other such things. But a perfectly timed picture can blow your mind. 

To mess with your mind and show you how timing plays a critical role in photography, we have compiled 30 images. Scroll down to have a look. 

#1 Perfectly Timed

#2 Booped By Floppy Fren

#3 Caught This Incredible Exploding Meteor When I Went To Rattlesnake Lake In Washington, USA Last Weekend. Zoom In To See The Exact Moment It Explodes In Two

#4 What Could Go Wrong If I Take A Picture With This Gopher Snake I Found In The Road?

#5 My Girlfriend And Her Friends Tried To Take A Group Photo, Alfie Wanted To Be In It As Well

#6 This Cat Assembling Itself

#7 This Diving Photo I Took Of My Friend Makes It Look She’s Doing A Handstand On Water

#8 At A Bonfire. Wife Instructs Me To Hold My One-Year-Old Son High To Get A “Cool Shot”. I Think It Looks Like I’m About To Sacrifice Him

#9 Slipped And Fell While Photographing A Wedding Party. Snapped A Pic On The Way Down

#10 Picture Taken Of Woman Falling Before She Realizes She Is Falling

#11 Learning The Hard Way

#12 Attempted To Take A Cute Picture Of Me And My Dog. This Was The Result

#13 This Man Saved Our Dog. You Can See Our Cat Jumping Out The Window

#14 My Father’s Chair Failing At A Coast Guard Change Of Command

#15 Lightning Striking Simultaneously On Chicago’s Three Tallest Buildings

#16 This Is The Best Photo My Mom Ever Took Of Me

#17 Never Skip Arm Day

#18 Love At First Sight

#19 She Landed On My Shoulder

#20 My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat Playing Behind The TV

#21 The Timing Of This Image Makes It Look Like My Nephew Is A Waterbender

#22 Giraffe’s Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn

#23 She Kicked The Phone Out Of My Hands At Exactly The Right Moment

#24 One Second Before Disaster

#25 My Cat Seems To Have Misplaced His Body Somewhere

#26 This Picture I Took Of My Dogs As The Ball Was Being Thrown

#27 Caught My Crow Buddy Mid-Blink, Making Her Look Very Sinister

#28 I Snapped This Photo Of A Cardinal Jumping And It Looks Like He Is Floating

#29 Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

#30 Just Trying To Take A Nice Picture With My Cat