Preparing yourself to get married to someone is a crucial decision for your life. Even if you are ready to say ‘I Do’ sometime it just doesn’t feel right and you wanna take a step back.  Well, there is no harm to give priority to your decisions and feeling more than anyone else. Some people shared their experience about why they said no to a marriage proposal in their life.

Scroll down to understand their reasons, and tell us if you have experienced something similar.


Obligatory not me proposing but I was a witness She hates big surprises and being pressured into things. He proposed at a surprise party in front of all their friends (including me) and families. She said “Here and now, no”. Then she dragged him out of there by the collar to an empty room, told him EXACTLY how he’d messed up, stating “I’ve never doubted that I wanted to be with you forever until you pulled that”. He apologized. Then got down on one knee and gave her the quiet, private proposal she wanted, to which she said “like this, hell yes”. Then they return to the party to celebrate and announce that they were engaged. It was one of the most awkward 15 minutes of my life but I have never respected her more!


Was dating the girl next door, when i went away to Boot Camp. Got out of Boot, went to Tech School in Texas. Was able to come home, which was in Rhode Island, every couple of months or so. I asked her to marry me. She said no, we were too young, and I was only asking since I was away and lonely. I persisted, but she was resolute. Got out of Boot, and was at my first Duty Station, a year after I had gone in. I asked her again. She said no, still too young to know what we were doing. Got in a fight, kinda had a “break” in the relationship for a while. Got back together, and I decided not to ask again, as she was obviously not going to marry me. Six months later, she said to me, “So, did you give up on marrying me?” I said “Pretty much, yeah” Her: Well, my answer might be different now. Me: Can’t risk it, my fear of rejection is insisting I never ask again. Her: No, really, I might have changed my mind. Me: Sorry, twice bitten, yada yada. She basically had to guarantee me should would say yes before I would ask her again. Today, I woke up, rolled over to give her a kiss, and realized this is our 41st Christmas together, so I got that going for me, which is nice.  


I was in a restaurant and a homosexual couple was at the table next to ours. One guy made the proposal, the other one rejected him because he wanted to propose, had the same plan, goes on his knees, and proposed to him. After that, they were arguing about who is allowed to propose, both were prepared and both bought rings.


I was in a gondola going up a ski slope and there was a couple in it with me. The guy Decided to propose halfway up and the girl replied with “I know you have been cheating on me bastard” then slapped him. Then we had to sit there in awkward silence for 15 minutes up the mountain. It was hilarious


I don’t remember. I woke up after a surgery and apparently I was madly in love with the nurse because she brought me a dull sandwich and a cup of coffee. My parents say that I told her she was the best human being I’ve met, and that she should be crowned queen of the world. Then I asked if she wanted to marry me so I could be king, but she was already married.


A more gay, funnier, and subverted side to this story, but I did a sort of non-traditional proposal to an ex-girlfriend of mine when I was around my mid-20’s, because she loved surprises and I REALLY wanted to surprise her with this. She got all flustered and scared, because her family was all homophobic conservatives and she never did end up telling them that she was dating a girl (I have a pretty masculine name) and she was worried about me because she didn’t want me to get insulted or hurt by her family. It ended with her trying to think up the best hypothetical ways to tell her family that she was “marrying a girl” with the most minimally worst result because she didn’t want to reject me since she really did love the idea of us being married, and me telling her that if she wasn’t ready to marry because of whatever reason then she can say “no.” Which ended with us not being engaged that day. The funny thing was that she was normally the more relaxed out of the two of us, and seeing her freaking out and being all nervous like that was both endearing and concerning because I never expected her to act like that. Sadly, we did end up breaking up and she’s now currently married to a man (we’re both bi, LOL) that she’s more than happy with; and whom I like as well because he really does treat her well and she does deserve the absolute BEST. But damn, sometimes I really do miss those times. She was one of the best partners I’ve ever had; but if she’s happy with her life, I am too.


She told me that she was so desperate to get married she would marry anyone who asked as long he wasn’t the biggest loser on the entire planet. I learned something about myself that day.


Not myself but I did watch one once and it’s god awful. Guy just won an amateur bodybuilding contest and his partner came up on stage with him. He immediately drops to one knee and asks for her to marry him. She doesn’t say a word and starts to shake her head no and he starts to weep on stage while still holding the microphone. Nothing like watching a grown man oiled up in a banana hammock ugly crying in front of an arena full of people.


My grandfather proposed to my grandmother in a hot air balloon. She said yes, and she claims the balloonist said, “Thank God! You don’t know how many people propose up here and then we have to spend 2 hours of awkwardness up here if she says no!”


A guy proposed to me a couple of years ago. He was just depressed about the lady he was actually in love with rejecting him. And unless I’m mistaken his thought process was: “well this girl liked me a few years ago and has been a halfway decent friend, maybe since I can’t have true love and she doesn’t seem to have any prospects we can just settle on each other…” I did not agree.


I was meeting up with an old friend, Joe, from back in the day. We were at the part of the catch-up where we were talking about relationships etc. I told him about my long-term boyfriend (8 years) and our house and dogs. But he just couldn’t fathom that Nathan and I weren’t married and that I didn’t care that we weren’t. No matter what we talked about next, he’d always bring it back to, “you must be so unhappy he doesn’t love you enough” and “what a shame a nice girl like you is stuck with him.” Got quite annoyed but sort of forgot about him and the whole thing pretty quickly. Fast forward to a year later, and I was at a friend’s wedding with my partner. Joe was also there. Nathan had just gone to grab us some drinks and came back to Joe down on one knee proposing to me, with a ring and everything. He was saying how he could make me so much happier and give me the life I’d always wanted with children and I’d never had to work again. Which if you know me, is very not me. I was just looking at him with my mouth open, completely taken aback. Nathan just looked from me to him then back to me. I had a deer in the headlights look. I honestly had no idea what to say or do. I scrambled out of my chair and said, “no thanks Joe. I’m good.” Downed my champagne and ran to the dance floor. I’ve never been happier to dance my whole life, and I really don’t like dancing in public.


My dad actually was rejected by my mom the first time he asked. They were on a cruise and he proposed at dinner, in front of people, and she said no. She just wasn’t ready, and he was embarrassed lol. This is why I plan ahead and will never propose publicly


Not me, but my secretary’s boyfriend proposed in grand fashion: Rented a white horse, suit of armor showed up at the office and performed the whole scene. His friends called the local news station and it was on the evening news. She smiled/grimaced through the whole grisly act and said yes for the cameras. Later, when they were home and alone, she let him down gently. They stayed together for a couple more months, but then she broke up with him when she found out he had gotten two women pregnant during their relationship.


Older guys comes into the restaurant where my friend worked with a hot, much younger, girl. He asks for a ring to be put into her glass of champagne and delivered to the table about halfway through the meal. When it’s delivered she obviously notices but ignores it. She excuses herself to go to the ladies. On the way she gets her coat and tells the member of staff “tell him I said no” and leaves the restaurant.


I witnessed a proposal that was shot down in a blaze of awkwardness. I was at the Cheesecake Factory sitting at a table where one side is a booth and one is a chair. The tables are super close together. The guy at the table next to me gets down on a knee between our tables (only he barely fit and kept bumping my table). She was horrified he was asking and said no. They hadn’t even eaten yet so they had the rest of their meal while bickering about the proposal. He kept yell asking her what he should do with the ring now. Truly the most awkward meal of my life sitting less than a foot from that.


A buddy of mine from college just got rejected while proposing. She was very, VERY adamant about getting married, having babies, looking at rings, the whole thing. Wanted to be a housewife and stuff bc she hated working as a teacher. They even talked about it and she’d said stuff like “I’d be prepared to say yes as soon as you ask.” Pretty up the middle right? Well, he proposed and she said she wasn’t ready for the settled life, tried to keep the ring, broke up with him (she needed to find herself apparently?), And when she couldn’t explain why to her friends and family, made up (and then recanted) an abuse saga to justify her leaving. Turns out she’d actually been low-key gold digging the whole time and was only dating him because it cut her rent in half and she could drive his truck (couldn’t afford a car). She ended up with one of the ‘nice guy’ types but she’s basically ripping that dude apart right now (and just crashed his car…). So bizarre and she seemed pretty normal when she was dating my buddy. Bullet dodged ig


My boyfriend of 4 years and I went on a holiday together. I was still very in love with him at that moment and i thought he had the same feelings. The 3rd night I had a bad fever and told him he could go out if he wanted because I was going to bed at like 7pm. So he went to the hotel bar I think. I woke up at 4:00ish all sweaty and took a shower and he was still not back from drinking, so I went to the hotel bar (this was a big hotel so it was stil open and pretty crowded) and saw my boyfriend being a little to comfortable with some college-age girl. I asked a waitress of she had seen him do anything, and she told me they had been making out dozens of times. I was too shocked/hurt that moment for the confrontation so promised myself to break up with him as soon as we got home. 3 days later, while we were at another hotel, he asked me to marry him. The answer and the reason were pretty obvious.


My boyfriend proposed after we had our first child. We’d been together 3 or 4 years at that point, lived together, planned to have the kid. I turned him down and told him it was because I thought he was doing it because of the baby. I wanted it to be because of me and not an obligation and I think I was a little hurt that he hadn’t asked before when it was just me in the equation. I told him If he waited one more year and still wanted to and asked again I would say yes. It took him three more kids and like 5-6 more years to ask again (so now we have been together for almost 11 years and have 4 kids), but we are finally getting married in two days :).


My grandmother used to be a caretaker for an old optometrist who had ALS. She lived with him on a farm and one could definitely see they had loved each other. He asked her to marry him and she laughed, thinking he was just joking. He wasn’t. A few months later he passed away at the hospital, smiling because she was on her way to visit him.


She told me she couldn’t marry a guy she cheated on. Not sure which part hurt more.


He proposed about six months into our relationship and I was nowhere near being ready. Neither was he. We were both having a terrible day and he decided to propose then to demonstrate that, however sh**ty things got, he’d be there for me. I declined, we both cried, talked through it and came out the other side. We’re still together, stronger than ever, two years later.


My fiance proposed a few months into dating and I really didn’t know if he was just really baked or serious. So I said awkwardly, “I’m not sure if this is real, but it’s way too soon for that”. Poor dude was actually asking. I knew he was going to propose the second time because in an argument he blurted out, “If I proposed would you even say yes?!”. Dude was still shell-shocked 6 years later but luckily I didn’t put him through that twice.


I once saw a public proposal at a horse show. It was awful. The woman tried to leave the stage when she saw her boyfriend entering the ring as a special surprise. But they would not let her leave. So painful to watch. She did not answer his question and everyone watching was cringing


One guy proposed to me because he was going to be deployed somewhere far. We were 19. He was a friend from hs who flirted with me a lot, I thought, jokingly. He was home from leave and had had a growth spurt. Which was great for him but he thought the reason I never went out with him was because he was short. So when he came back, he thought I’d go from not wanting to be his girlfriend to wanting to be his wife when I saw him. It was sad, he was lonely in the military but I was nineteen! I tried my hardest not to hurt his feelings but I never heard from him again.


I didn’t reject her, but apparently, I walked away from my fiancé down on one knee MULTIPLE times, not realizing she was proposing


When I used to play Warhammer 40K I went to my local GW to buy some miniatures. I grabbed what I needed and took them to the till. The guy behind the counter looked at me, looked down at the stuff, then back up to me. He asked, “is this for you?” When I said yes, he asked me to marry him. I laughed because I thought he was making a joke. His face. Oh goodness, his face. I’ll never forget. It was the look of the most pathetic, heartbroken, betrayed-kicked puppy you’ve ever seen. I freaked out, paid for my things and got the hell out of there.


I thought she’d say yes because she kept hinting at it, showing me pictures of rings she liked, etc. When I actually proposed, she said, ‘You’re too nice a guy for me.


Witnessed a proposal at a concert. The artists integrated some graphics leading up to him asking and then they stopped the show and put the cameras on them so all 10k attendees were just watching the exchange. There was a long, awkward pause (like 2 minutes) and then they turned the lights and cameras off then restarted the music without any sort of celebration or cheering…because she said no and then walked out of the concert.


I laughed because I thought he was joking. I was 19, neither of us worked, the ring was a promise ring that cost like $20 and wasn’t my style. The whole situation was hilarious to me until I saw how disappointed he was, then it was just awkward and uncomfortable. We broke up a few months later when he went crazy and pinned me by my neck up against a wall. Not to mention it wasn’t even legal for us to actually marry because were both dudes.


I witnessed a lunchtime Olive Garden proposal go awry after the gentleman had the server insert the ring into a breadstick. Yes, the ring was pushed into a breadstick, so just the stone was sticking out of the top. Of course, the breadsticks are first to the table, so they seemed to be having a pretty awkward lunch after she said no.