Who is the goodest boy and the bestest girl in the world?

It is been quite long that we have been trying to discover which boy and girl are good and not. As per our previous post about WeRateDogs, you know that this Twitter handle rates dogs. We bring you another bunch of dog posts shared on this handle so that you can decide which amongst these pets should be given a perfect 10/10 rating for their behaviour.

Leave your thoughts after scrolling through these pictures in the comment section below.

The heroes we need.

He’s walking on water!

Lit teacher.

Good doggo.

He looks polite tho.

Whatever it takes.

She has enough love for the entire planet.

The smile of satisfaction.

“You’re mine.”

Moustache makes everything better.

“Courage is one thing that no one can ever take away from you.”

The loyalty!

Not all heroes wear capes.

The power of love.

Turning trauma into triumph!

Your services will forever be admired.

The Golden Unicorn!

The only Politician I’d trust.

Trickster 100

A smol golden dishwasher.

The symbol of love.


That’s one happy boi!

Is the leaf pile smiling?

Oatie is here for you.

Mochi is a simple boy.

She always wins.

It’s comforting.

Ron is a pretty chill dude.


Delicious snack. 100/10